What I Am Wearing Today

Today I'm wearing a cream sheer bouse with buttons up the back, a black pencil skirt, white bra with black lace detailing, black panties and black 6 strap suspender belt, barely black stockings from Tesco and a pair of high black square toed stiletto court shoes.


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14 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Beautifully coordinated outfit-very elegant!

6 strap suspenders? omg they sound wonderful have never heard of them before, ty for sharing. (where did u get them from? can u rember?)

A well dressed girl like me except most of my clothes today were from Next and lingerie and stockings from M&S.

Look at my name! I adore wearing stockings and high heels

Mmm, stockings & garters, the icing on the cake of a sexy outfit, so to speak! :) My wife (we share this account) loves to wear stockings with garters along with her heels too, lucky me!<br />
<br />
Would love to be friends, if you're willing!

Lucky fella indeed.

Keep the faith. xx

I would love to be the one to slowly undress you. To a point. the stocking have to stay!

Sounds delicious.

OK, I'll show my ignorance here, what's a pencil skirt?

You sound very HOT looking. I was hooked on the black panties.

hi. your story is great, until you mentioned buying your stockings from tesco. i would have thought ff nylons would be more appropriate. perhaps next time.

Turns me on !

Dressed for what special occasion

What an incredible tease that was. Think she'll post again?