What I Am Wearing Today

Today I'm wearing a cream sheer bouse with buttons up the back, a black pencil skirt, white bra with black lace detailing, black panties and black 6 strap suspender belt, barely black stockings from Tesco and a pair of high black square toed stiletto court shoes.


thestockingslady thestockingslady 46-50, F 18 Responses Mar 9, 2010

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6 strap suspenders? omg they sound wonderful have never heard of them before, ty for sharing. (where did u get them from? can u rember?)

I wish I wore them everyday!!!!

A well dressed girl like me except most of my clothes today were from Next and lingerie and stockings from M&S.

Almost perfection smile

Look at my name! I adore wearing stockings and high heels

Mmm, stockings & garters, the icing on the cake of a sexy outfit, so to speak! :) My wife (we share this account) loves to wear stockings with garters along with her heels too, lucky me!<br />
<br />
Would love to be friends, if you're willing!

Lucky fella indeed.

Keep the faith. xx

Keep on wearing them they bring joy to everyone smile

I would love to be the one to slowly undress you. To a point. the stocking have to stay!

Sounds delicious.

OK, I'll show my ignorance here, what's a pencil skirt?

You sound very HOT looking. I was hooked on the black panties.

hi. your story is great, until you mentioned buying your stockings from tesco. i would have thought ff nylons would be more appropriate. perhaps next time.

you dont have to have occasion to dress up, its nice to be dressed at all times, i'm lucky as i can wear stocking and girdles everyday and longline bras and corsets too, my H insists on it.

Turns me on !

Dressed for what special occasion

What an incredible tease that was. Think she'll post again?

i bet u look beautiful darling, u turn me on1