Strange Love Story

Once there was a girl who worked in a cd shop(no special background of that girl) but she was very beautiful.One day a boy came to her shop for buying something..when he saw her,he fall in love with her but he has no courage to confess about his feeelings in front of her because unfortunately, he was suffering from brain tumer and of last stage,doctors told him that he has only 1 month to live and the girl was unaware of his disease.
Therefore, the boy used to to come daily on her shop just to see her and just to talk her by in any way he bought every day a cd from her and then because of an every day meeting they became the time was passing on they were becoming closer and closer and the death was also coming closer to the boy.....
And unfortunately, a month ended..he died.. as the girl was unaware of the fact so she took it strange that the boy stop coming to her shop and earlier he used to come every day. finally girl thought to go to his home..may be he was ill!!! or may be what?!!..When she went to his home she saw his mother was crying...she asked a reason...mother told her that he died a few days before........girl shocked many questions was hitting her how he? how he.........?
Girl asked his mother to see his room,when she entered the room and saw some stuff along with the cd's he bought from her.She wondered becuase all the cd'es was unopened and paked as she sold him and by seeing this she start crying....and u know why she was crying?
becuase she put LOVE LETTERS in every cover of the cd.......
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Hmmm nice

love begins from nowhere and ends up anywhere and tests you everywhere

true..! any way thnks for the cmnt

confident feelings strengthen relationship. clear communication helps enjoy bliss. the story you narrated had both the characters weak in their own confidence and communication and hence they could not enjoy love even momentarily. it was a good writeup but we do need to take lessons from each story

yaa ur right

oh wow its superb.!!!.... really a good story, thnks for sharing.......

wow, Interesting, True love can never die, it will remain alive spiritually, Maimoona nice sharing by u

thankyou for the nyc! cmnt..

You are welcome Maimoona,
Maimoona will you introduce yourself plz.....

hmm myself u can read it kn my profile.....well me maimoona......a muslim(thankgod) and i am 18.......its enough?tell me about u too ok?

maimoona,,,, its a great effort done,,, probably by you,,, anyway good to know that you are proud muslim,,are you reverted?

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good,n cute