Rumbling Roaring

I am not sure about thunderstorm if anyone would agree, but I do, to some of here relating them as to something wonderful experience. The roaring sounds falling from near and getting far away to a distance is just so enticing. I have always thought thunderstorm as heart captivating. It is just like taking me to somewhere fascinating in a span of a second and back. And the frequent it comes, the sucessive roaring sounds it makes is just taking me to a hypnotized state, I can feel my heart beating fast.
It's just like magic. Drawing out a deep sigh after collecting my senses back to my actual world from a short span of unexplainable state of thrill, just hearing those rumbling roaring sounds. 
Also it connects me to childhood days, when we children giggle, every time we freak out hearing those scared ourselves teasing and laughing.^^
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When I live in Arizona they had terrific thunderstorms. Rain itself fascinates me but a good thunderstorm is even better. Tucson is surrounded by mountains and the lightning would sometimes move sideways across the mountains. I used to live in and work in a small town between Tucson and the Mexico border called Amado. I would go to school at nigh in Tucson and drive home on I-19 and it would be very dark and sometimes during a storm the lightning would move sideways on my left from left to right and then on the right side of the road going in the other direction. I would be briefly be surrounded by lightning.

I think I never grew up. :D. I still like storms and thunders. And the thing that can make it more excitable is a sudden power cut. :D

LOL! I can totally relate. Dinner in candle lights, romantic atmosphere.^^)

You can bring those loveable storm anywhere , anytime

oh thanks for taking time to read.^^

Lovely image: storms were a wonderful chilling pleasure when I was a child. Now, well, I've lost some of that. Still, with the right storm the right time, thrilling.

Thanks you.^^

The only thing I don't like about them are strong winds but I do love the sounds

hmmn yes the strong winds rattling the windows, making those creepy sounds during the night. Thanks Pent for the writing in.

One of my favorite memories from many years ago is sitting in a pool high on a hill at night in late Summer with some friends watching a thunderstorm across the river. (No, the storm was not over us so we were pretty safe).

Just reading your story makes my heart stop beating. LOL!

Please, resume heartbeat immediately!

lol it's back to normal now =))

I'm much relieved. You are much too good to lose.

Ha ha that's so sweet.^^

And true.

like livin life...
a lil on the edge?

1 is temporary,
the other...
never ever evr evr ever changes...
song remains the same
joyinthejourney, clg

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we have very strong thunderstorms here, sometimes with lots of rain, sometimes just thunder and lightning. Monsoon season starts about mid July and runs through August here.

Very strong. wow ! I wonder how strong is strong. I can remember the last time I heard this big roaring sound I stopped from what I was doing, really stopped just to hear every inch of the sound, from start to finish. And it felt good, like I felt refreshed. I find it so mesmerizing.

The thunder will shake the house, it rattles the windows.

They start late afternoon and continue into the evening, sometimes it's hard to sleep with all the racket.

oh my! and that's another story. ha ha tell me, do you love thunderstroms?

Well...if its in the afternoon or evening with lots of lightning, they are fun to watch, I would say yes.

If late at night while trying to sleep, no.

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I belong to "I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS and a while back I posted a couple of things about storms.

great! will try to find yours and read on.