laying on my bed
staring out the window
watching the lighting
play amongst the cloud
a need fills me
a need so strong
i close my eyes
allowing my imagination flow free

riding on a black horse
through a green field
clouds darkens the skies
lighting playing beside me
above me, infront of me
all around me
brighting my path
with strokes of light

the freshness of the rain
meeting the earth
in an elegantly embrace
sweet smells of nature
tickling my every sense
the wind blowing through my hair
swinging them softly against my skin

a place of freedom
a place of peace
consumes me
swallowing me hole
so vivid in my imagination
so needed in reality

i don't care where i'm heading
the path infront of me
is unclear to see
the horse leads me
guides me in the direction
im destined to take

free, untamed, wild.

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