Introduced To This By My Daughters (With Pics)

Several years ago, my girls both came home with these lower back tattoos and belly button piercings. They hadn't given me the slightest hint that they were considering doing this, and I kind of sarcastically asked, "Did you get your ******* pierced too?

They didn't answer, just raised their skirts. This wasn't a photo of that day, but one Chloe's boyfriend took of her in the library at school   Now most of you know that my girls and I haven't worn any underwear since the early 90's.  But as time went on, they convinced me to get my ***** pierced as well .Now this is something I  have been hesitant to share on EP, but once I had my labia pierced, my husband began adding weights to my piercings.  At first he just wanted to see them dangling below the hem of my miniskirts.  And once the girls saw what was dangling below my hem, they decided to join me.   The photos below are a few of what has transpired over the last few years. . Daughter Natalie at the beach  I jingle when I walk .Though it's a little hard to see in this photo, (Chloe in front) my weights are hanging well below the tops of my stockings.  Now my husband doesn't seem to be satisfied unless there is at least an inch of labia hanging below the hem of my miniskirts.  Chloe often wears a 5" skirt when she goes out at night which doesn't cover any of her labia jewelry.  How she hasn't been arrested is amazing to me, but her boyfriend seems to love it.This last one is of me with a temporary tat.  I'd never put a permanent tattoo in an area I work so hard to keep completely bare.  I hope I haven't offended any of my friends, but it's time I came out of the closet on this.  I'm enjoying this even more than my butt plug. :-)
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Thank you. I already had a hood piercing and today I gathered the courage to get my inner labia pierced, both sides. Now I can't wait to get more. My outer next time.

I love it. Have been fascinated for some time and want to try it. Maybe I'll get the nerve soon. You are an incredible woman!!!

Those ******* look amazing!! I'd love to lick each one!

Love dangling labia and large clits! So sexy. Thanks for sharing. Would be fun to compare stories though i dont use weights to stretch anything!!! Lol

Mmm, one of the photos is imho of O'Pearl:

I am so glad you enjoyed this. I know I did. You are a magnificent family.

I bet oral sex is mind blowing with your labia and clitoral piercings ! mmmmmm

that looks so hot , has certainly been an education .thanks for sharing .......sat x

Thanks for the pix because I didn't think that much stretching was possible. What an incredible sight!!!

PrincessCleo, you are a beautiful woman. I love your labia and applaud you liberal sexy attitude. It would be awesome to see you in public with your labia below your skirt. Even better, seeing you with your daughters at the same time! I would love to see your sexy pics. Your husband is a very lucky man.

You and your daughters do know all the right places to wear jewellery! I do love jewellery that hangs below the hem of your mini skirts!!!

You will love the website: The Irresistible Sex Appeal of Women With Large Labia"...... and its Sister site:
'SEXY LABIA: Love Your Labia'......
Websites dedicated to glorifying women with Luscious, long, can post your lips as well as learn what other women do to lengthen/show-off their dangling labia - and spread their wet butterfly lips..... Enjoy!!!

Thank you. I'll be sure to check them out. (Maybe I shouldn't tell my husband about them..........:-)

Perhaps we ought to have some butt examples too.
I am intrigued how you do it.

Not sure what you mean........

Butt Plug examples

They would be lovely inside my mouth licking and sucking thankyou for sharing xx

How uncomfortable is it when you are sitting etc?

I don't wear all the weights all the time, especially if I'm going to be sitting for extended periods, but I always have something dangling between my legs these days, but if I'm getting in and out of the car a lot, or working around the house, I wear as much weight as I can stand without getting to the painful point. It just feels like someone is tugging at my labia.......doesn't really hurt.......until you get caught in a bench or slotted chair!!

I know what that feels like when I got my "sack" caught in a chair.

I love your lifestyle! It is wonderful and you have a great husband!!! That labia stretching is just amazing. That should be come a fashion trend at least.

Crazy !!!!! U wud need a helmet on ur helmet to get in there

That's why my *** sees more activity than my *****, but the jewelry can always be removed..............:-)

My former and I were both heavily pierced and we enjoyed sex and oral sex without removing our jewelry.

Do you prefer anal then and why?

I think your piercings are so cool I have never seen a woman with so many piercings down below they are lovely

I do love your style and appreciate your openness. Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks for the education. First I have seen it and I love it...

hey you are not offending any 1 as long as you are happy that is what matters .

Not even CLOSE to being offended

Just beautiful. Nothing sexier than a smooth, tanned, pierced *****.

Very nice pics. So nice to hear that you and your girls don't wear panties. They are really only an optional piece of clothing.

What an awesome family bond. I think you and your daughters are great.

You and your daughters sharing a love of pierced and stretched labia is one of the most wonderful and beautiful stories I have heard. Continue stretching your labia together and rejoice in the pleasure that bonds you as mother and daughters.

What a fantastic story. I love how you and your family are so open and exhibitionistic in your lifestyle. Keep up the great work. You rock!

It is awesome how much enjoyment you get from this Cleo. Thanks for sharing! Best Wishes, AT

Some things are just way beyond what I can understand.

To each his (or her) own. There was a time I'd never have considered piercing my labia, let alone hanging weights from them, but one thing leads to another.............

on seeing the pictures at first, what could i think, but i have seen other things on ep which i have learned to understand. that is part of the fun of being here. talking about labia in a normal way is breathtaking. would love to hear more.

Body piercings, like tattoos become addictive. At one time I had 9 genital piercings. Sadly, only 3 remain.