Introduced To This By My Daughters (With Pics)

Several years ago, my girls both came home with these lower back tattoos and belly button piercings. They hadn't given me the slightest hint that they were considering doing this, and I kind of sarcastically asked, "Did you get your ******* pierced too?

They didn't answer, just raised their skirts. This wasn't a photo of that day, but one Chloe's boyfriend took of her in the library at school   Now most of you know that my girls and I haven't worn any underwear since the early 90's.  But as time went on, they convinced me to get my ***** pierced as well .Now this is something I  have been hesitant to share on EP, but once I had my labia pierced, my husband began adding weights to my piercings.  At first he just wanted to see them dangling below the hem of my miniskirts.  And once the girls saw what was dangling below my hem, they decided to join me.   The photos below are a few of what has transpired over the last few years. . Daughter Natalie at the beach  I jingle when I walk .Though it's a little hard to see in this photo, (Chloe in front) my weights are hanging well below the tops of my stockings.  Now my husband doesn't seem to be satisfied unless there is at least an inch of labia hanging below the hem of my miniskirts.  Chloe often wears a 5" skirt when she goes out at night which doesn't cover any of her labia jewelry.  How she hasn't been arrested is amazing to me, but her boyfriend seems to love it.This last one is of me with a temporary tat.  I'd never put a permanent tattoo in an area I work so hard to keep completely bare.  I hope I haven't offended any of my friends, but it's time I came out of the closet on this.  I'm enjoying this even more than my butt plug. :-)
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I can't believe the stuff EP does delete, but leaves this stuff up with all these public photos. They're idiots.

Amazing and wonderful!

That's amazing!!!


What do you like about it?
Isn't there damage?

Nice! my Master has been stretching my piercings to put a padlock through

Soon after the above I could wear the padlock. But not showing clearly below my hemline like that (!)
I also sometimes get those inner labia piercings attached to a strap round the top of my thighs or my stocking tops like you show. I like the feeling of it pulling as I walk. Or my navel piercing attached to my ****-hood piercing. However those are my only piercings down there.


awesome. I wish my husband cared about me but he hasn't touched me there in over 3 years. I had no idea of this. Just stumbled on it.

I want to start doing this i have a long labia. It looks so yummy. I cant believe you wear clothes that show the weights i think i want to try that also. Love it.

I loved your post. :D

i love this

I love these pics

Come on! You just got randon photos on the Internet! The bodies don't even match.

The photo of daughter in front and mother in the rear, is the same as a photo of Lady Madelline and O'Pearl, both of which have extreme genital and nipple piercings and strict corset regimens.

Only just read these comments. I'm hoping the post was real but perhaps it isn't. I thought letting the weights hang in sight was a bit extreme. I just wouldn't dare: no way - I'd be so embarrassed.

WOW! Would love to play with you.

Cleo, I'm shocked--*shocked*--this one hasn't been deleted yet. But glad it hasn't. :-)


I love your story and shared it with my submissive who is slated to get her piercings done next week. She is wet with anticipation and would one day like to be stretched like you and your girls.

I must confess that I am not a fan of heavy metal in the *****. Yet, I have a constant & intense hard on reading this post and looking at your pictures. Go figure!
Btw, in that picture of the two of you, which one is you & which is your daughter? You both look the same age.

Daughter in front, me in the rear.

What great story and fantastic photos !!
Thanks for sharing them.

Your article is in very good taste and you certainly haven't offended us. More people should be as honest as yourselves and we can tell by your tone that your love lives have probably improved considerably!!! We haven't progressed as far as you people and aren't likely to go there, preferring to keep an album of sensual photos to record changes in ourselves over the last 30 years. R+A

That is something very special that you and your family have together. It is so good you enjoy life so much

My gf has just had 3 dermals on her pubic bone a vertical clitoral hood and 4 inner labia piercings done, both oral and penetrative sex for both of us has just got exciting. kinky and fun she is horny much more and they look amazing 4 more inner labia are being done next week oh and another nipple piercing cannot wait go for it girls rebel!

Love dangling labia and large clits! So sexy. Thanks for sharing. Would be fun to compare stories though i dont use weights to stretch anything!!! Lol

I am so glad you enjoyed this. I know I did. You are a magnificent family.

<p>I bet oral sex is mind blowing with your labia and clitoral piercings ! mmmmmm</p>

that looks so hot , has certainly been an education .thanks for sharing .......sat x

PrincessCleo, you are a beautiful woman. I love your labia and applaud you liberal sexy attitude. It would be awesome to see you in public with your labia below your skirt. Even better, seeing you with your daughters at the same time! I would love to see your sexy pics. Your husband is a very lucky man.

You and your daughters do know all the right places to wear jewellery! I do love jewellery that hangs below the hem of your mini skirts!!!

You will love the website: The Irresistible Sex Appeal of Women With Large Labia"...... and its Sister site:
'SEXY LABIA: Love Your Labia'......
Websites dedicated to glorifying women with Luscious, long, can post your lips as well as learn what other women do to lengthen/show-off their dangling labia - and spread their wet butterfly lips..... Enjoy!!!

Thank you. I'll be sure to check them out. (Maybe I shouldn't tell my husband about them..........:-)

Crazy !!!!! U wud need a helmet on ur helmet to get in there

That's why my *** sees more activity than my *****, but the jewelry can always be removed..............:-)


Thanks for the education. First I have seen it and I love it...

hey you are not offending any 1 as long as you are happy that is what matters .

Not even CLOSE to being offended

Just beautiful. Nothing sexier than a smooth, tanned, pierced *****.

What an awesome family bond. I think you and your daughters are great.

You and your daughters sharing a love of pierced and stretched labia is one of the most wonderful and beautiful stories I have heard. Continue stretching your labia together and rejoice in the pleasure that bonds you as mother and daughters.

What a fantastic story. I love how you and your family are so open and exhibitionistic in your lifestyle. Keep up the great work. You rock!

Whatever makes you happy, baby

Hi Princess,when you had your lab.a pierved,it must,ve really hurt?Do you get more se.ual pleasure now theres more of your lab.a?Do you put a b.ttplug in your an.s and leave it there during the day?It must feel really good?

Yes, it hurt like hell..............that's why I had them done all in two sessions..........the first to see if I would like it..............the second to have 8 more put in. I do get an increase in sexual pleasure for a number of reasons.............sometimes I can't get my husband's tongue out of m ***** (because he likes it so much), but I get a lot of additional stimulation from them. The weight add an element of constant arousal.

As for the butt plug.........I've gotten to the point that I can't sleep without it, I usually take it out when I get up in the morning and reinsert it after lunch.

I,d love to see some photos of your plug in your lovely an.s honey please if you could

I love your piercings. Have you or your husband considered kitty bell? Are the any of the piercings uncomfortable? How much noise do you make when you sit down somewhere in public on a hard seat?

I googled Kitty Bell, and still can't figure out what it is. My piercings aren't uncomfortable, but they do make me acutely aware that they are there. I do have to be careful sitting down on some metal chairs. Once, I stood up and pulled the chair up by my labia......that hurt! It was heavy!! Now I look for solid bottomed holes in the seat.

The mental picture is funny. I am sure not very fun for you at the time. Try › ... › Bell **** clamp reviews‎

"pulled the chair up by my labia"
LMAO! Who would've thunk of that complication? lol
Princess, I love your delicious "sluttiness" & your sense of humor. The more I read your posts, more I like you. :-)

Lovely **** photos Cleo. I'm always glad to see women who are in tune with your bodies and not worried constantly about what "they" would think. Blessings.

Oh PrincessCleo, you are nothing short of mesmerizing! Love your style!

Amazing story. I love your jewelery.