Wifes Vagina Being Stretched

Hello, my wife agreed to start stretching her while she falls asleep. Meaning she wants the didos or wide objects to be in her while shes sleeping through the night. Can anyone tell me if thats safe and normal? She sleeps about 4-7 hourly a day.. Any advise would help thanks
LoveToFist1 LoveToFist1 26-30, M 2 Responses Nov 11, 2012

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No harm, I have done that many times, sometimes even on accident. Just make sure the toys are clean and that she douches afterwards.

If she can actually sleep with one inside her, it's not doing any stretching at all, get a bigger one. All sleeping with a smaller one does is make you gape all the time, and that can be bad after a few years as she can prolapse. Better to stretch while your awake, do kegels, and allow yourself a lifetime of pleasure!

Thanks, our goal is double fist and a 2 liter bottle coke to go in and out smoothly. She agreed to it and its her new fetish.. Any ideas on how to get there?? The only thing that worries me is now my fist will go in after about 2-3 minutes of fingering her. Now when we have sex and when she is very wet she does not feel my penis.. But the thought of her vagina being that loose for a 2 liter makes me super horny and her also.. Any thoughts anyone??

Hi, thanks for info. Im sorry can you tell me what "douches" means, thanks

As long as shes in on it and it makes her horny too i don\'t think you need worry. I find it sexy.

I can't see the harm as long as you don't overdo it (force too large an object). If it's comfortable while she's awake, I guess the same would hold true asleep.