Strippers Are Good People

I always enjoy an afternoon at the ***** club.  If you asked me to define paradise, it wouldn't be clouds and harp music.  It would be a ***** club, with rock and roll music pounding and naked people around me celebrating their sexuality.  I used to drink beer at the clubs, but once when I wasn't drinking I went and had an even better time than usual.  ***** clubs are such an intense experience I no longer like dulling it with alcohol.

  There is something wonderfully primitive about women sharing their goodies with men and men sharing their wealth with the women.  Somehow I think that's what we did when we dragged the meat in from our hunt and sat around the camp fire.   I have resolved if I ever marry again, she will be a ********. It has been a long goal of mine to marry a ******** when I am 80. Strippers are so kind. They understand the male animal much better than other women.

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5 Responses Mar 22, 2009

gotta pay for college somehow =P

Did they have any private rooms in the club you went to, ANEWME? That's where most of the money changes hands. At most clubs, the stage shows are just like advertising, so you can pick out which girls you want to go back to the private rooms with.<br />
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That said, I am amazed at how hard it seems to be for strippers to make money. They always complain to me about not having enough customers, tips, etc. The basic bargain seems like a good one: Isn't it worth a couple hundred bucks to be able to enjoy the body of a beautiful woman? I think it's just because of social stigma that men are ashamed to go to these places and spend money. If not for that, most men would probably spend a big chunk of their disposable income of strippers (as I do).

I went to a ***** club several weeks ago--first time--can honestly say--was alright--but what shocked me--was how little these women got for $$$$--reality--I was appalled--I used to think they made good money--but all I saw being put on the floor was $1. bills--but I agree--the music was great--and can honestly say--look forward to going back to one.

I agree with you, Mark. ***** clubs satisfy this deep, primitive urge I have to give women money. Don't get me wrong: The flirting and the nakedness and the rubbing are definitely part of it too. But giving them money is definitely part of the pleasure. Don't know if this is an evolutionary thing, my personal psychology, or just some sort of social conditioning . . .

as long as the male animal has money they do.