True Story...

Tuesday night I went to a club. Of course, I was approached by several girls, all of whom wanted to entertain me in the VIP area. The place I went is "all nude" and "byob". I politely declined all of their offers and slowly drank my beer. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a blonde walking by behind me. I absolutely love blondes, so I turned my head to follow her. She caught my gaze and my nod, and a few minutes later was sitting beside me.

If there is one thing I appreciate as much as a beautiful body, it's a beautiful mind. I love a girl who can actually carry on a conversation. Generally speaking, this is a rare quality in Exotic Dancers. I'm happy to say this girl was a pleasant surprise. She was articulate, and clearly well educated. She was able to speak in complete sentences and able to talk about whatever I wanted. This quality alone was enough for me to suggest a more private place to go.

Up the stairs we went to the VIP area. It was very dark and secluded, just as one prefers. She led me to her favorite corner and sat me down on the sofa. As always, one can't be certain what they will get in the VIP area. I've been to some places where the girl is sucking my **** in seconds, while at others there is barely any touching at all. I asked my girl for the rules, just as I do with any dancer. Her only rule was "dont take your **** out". That was mildly dissapointing, but did leave open many other options.

As the first song started, Alicia began to work her "magic", for lack of a better word. She had the typical moves of just about any dancer, bumping her ***** against my crotch, a little grinding, a lot more bumping. I'm not sure why dancers think this is erotic to a man, but they all do it. Quite frankly, I'd rather they just sit in my lap and grind their ***** against my crotch. That's really all I want. I suppose they might avoid that because they don't want to get too horny themselves. I suppose it might also make them a little sore by the end of the evening. In any case, Alicia did the typical stuff and though she had a terrific body, I prepared myself for a lackluster performance.

Everything changed when Alicia changed positions. Oh my, did it ever change. She turned herself around and put her feet beside me on the couch. She stood with her legs straight and her hands on my knees and pushed her ***** right into my mouth. I'm not talking about a tease here. I'm talking about full blown, "eat my ***** if you want". Not being one to pass up a hot ******, I dove in without holding back. I shoved my tongue in her *****, half expecting her to pull away. Instead she just pushed against me. For the entire song, she held her **** to my mouth and let me eat her voraciously. As I licked and sucked her sweet nectar, her hands started working my **** through my jeans. I was truly sorry at that point that I hadn't changed into slacks and left my underwear at the hotel.

The song ended far to quickly and she was back in my lap asking if I wanted to keep going. Uh...duh...she didn't even need to ask. She resumed grinding and bouncing her ***** against me, then turned over in reverse cowgirl position. She only gave me one rule at the start, so of course, I tested it. I slid my index finger between her ***** folds and found her slippery and wet. I held my finger just inside her labia to see what she would do with it. I was not dissapointed. The next thing I knew she was rocking and ******* my finger. I pressed down against her g-spot and she bucked harder. She ****** and ****** and ****** my finger the entire song, only stopping after clenching my finger with her tight ****** and shuddering in a mild ******. This babe was HOT!

Alicia simply could not get enough. After getting off on my finger, she turned and stood up in front of me. Standing with her feet on either side of me, she lowered her ***** onto my face as I tilted my head back. She looked down at me as I looked up at her, licking and sucking her ****. Her face was twisted with pleasure as she ground her ****** against my willing mouth. Never in my life have I had a dancer be so open and horny with me. I won't say I had died and gone to heaven, but this could certainly have been the next best thing.

The song ended and Alicia lowered herself to my lap again. Up to this point, I was incredibly pleased, but when she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my shirt, I groaned in anticipation of what was to come. Alicia worked quickly, pulling out my t-shirt and slipping her hand over my underwear. In less than a moment, she had my **** in her hand and gripped it tightly. She looked in my eyes and smiled. I leaned forward and kissed her. Evidently the "dont take your **** out" rule applied to me, but not to her. Who was I to complain?

Alicia pressed her forehead against mine and then took her hand out of my pants. She spit in her hand, making it wet, then slid it back in my pants. She mixed her saliva with my prosate fluid and stroked me expertly as she ground her ***** against my crotch. The sensation was as close to ******* as we could get without actually going there. At this point, I'm certain that if I'd produced a condom, she would have readily climbed aboard. Alicia stroked and panted, then spit in her hand again. Her hand was wet and slippery from our combined fluids and the way she gripped me felt like the tightest, wettest ***** you can imagine.

I could feel her panting against my neck as Alicia ground against me, her hand giving me infinite pleasure. She could tell I was near *******. I didn't hide it, nor did I try to stop it. I was ready. She kissed my neck and whispered in my ear... "*** for me".

That was all it took. Three simple, incredibly hot words, sent me over the edge. I leaned my head back and groaned loudly as she stroked and stroked. My **** pulsed in her hand, but she didn't stop. She milked me for what seemed like an hour, coaxing the ***** from my loins. She softly giggled and told me not to be so loud as she extracted the final drops of *** from my ****. I was in pure bliss.

I will see Alicia again, the next time I'm in her town. She made sure of it by giving me her phone number. I'm hoping next time we can go somewhere even more private. Perhaps my hotel.

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Myself, I don't eat *****, and if I were going to start, it wouldn't be with a ********. Too afraid of diseases. <br />
<br />
Still a great story, though, so thanks for sharing.

Wow man, if you say this is true I gotta believe you, even more if Ally says it could be since she seemingly do it from time to time ;-)

Very very hot story - and I definitely know it's true!<br />
<br />
Could've been me!

All finished. I hope you all enjoy it! And is 100% true.

Don't keep us in suspense!

Bad boy!