We'll Do It Again That's A Promise

It was blatantly pointed out to me, by Steven and Derek, yesterday at lunch that it's been too long since we last hooked up for some fun. I must admit I did feel a little guilty about not giving them enough attention lately.

I've just been too busy with other things. Too busy with my friend Katie, too busy with Al and his mates and I can't stretch my time to fit Steven and Derek in which is such a shame as we always have such a good time when we get together. I did offer them to come join Al and the guys in a gang bang but they turned it down as they don't know Al or his mates and said they would feel awkward. Since that last offer I just haven't put the time in and I feel terrible about it. We do have some fun at work, joking, innuendo, flashing and some groping, but it's not the same as having some full on fun.

I talked to Al about it late lastnight as we *********** together on the bed. He likes hearing about my times with Steven and Derek and he wants me to spend a little more time with them, maybe one day through the week and Friday afternoons after work. And in turn he wants to spend one night through the week alone with me and with my friend Katie.

First thing this morning I talked to Steven and Derek and we've now agreed to meet up on a Wednesday night and on Friday afternoons after work, but not tonight as I have other plans for later. This deal prompted large smiles on their faces and I'm sat here right now writing this and flashing my stocking tops at the pair of them lol.

I will write about our get togethers in due course.

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Sep 7, 2012