My Loose Sissy ***

the first thing i can really remember being put in my sissy *** was some perverts finger
when i was like 8 or 9
it hurt and yet felt good
the next was a tung from some other pervert and eventually got a **** in around 10
my mom and sis got my first tampons for my sissy ***** on my 13th bday-lucky sissy
i eventually tried to get a ***** stuck on my bike seat around 14 or 15
what a great felling riding around with that in me
ive had lots of **** and ****** in me
can even fit about 10 inches of a baseball bat in me
i love being loose

sissykrisb sissykrisb
51-55, T
3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I didn't get started with penetration that early but I'm sure loose now. If only I could bend my arm differently so I could fist myself. I've bought a huge ***** that makes me squeel when it stretches me open. But once in, I'm a happy little ****.

Oh... me too; Is it actually psychiologically impossible to self-fist?: However I try I can not get my arm/hand into a suitable position to do it.. mores the pity..

It is great, isn't it, being able to know that we can take just about any object we see, and fancy the look of... I've still a way to go with size, I seem to be stuck at about only a 3 inch diameter, and can't seem to pass by it, to larger things.. which is annoying..(I want to be fisted, but need to get able to take bigger before that'll be possible)..

yes I *** from anal mostly