Wow - Since I Was 10?

I used to love shoving my finger up my *** & in my ***** when I was a little girl taking a bath.  Oh my God - did that ever feel good.  I remember thrusting my ***** forward & backward into the water.

Now I love all things up my ***.  I wait until my husband is asleep and slip in as many different types of objects that I can - I like to do this every night.  Once I hear his snore, I lube up my ***... and then I stick in my favorite glass ***** - it's huge and I can only imagine a beautiful woman with a huge strap on thrusting into my *** and then my *****.

I want to feel the lust of another woman as she thrusts deeply in my *** while stroking my ****.  I am so wet I can't stand it.

Oh take me - please take me...

anallover2010 anallover2010
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Used to shove whatever in my *** during football in the locker rooms and see if I could hold it. All half. I've been stickin **** up there forever. Hot dogs. Fruit. Golf balls bats dicks. Sticks. Pencils. Weights.

I'm a man but I used to do the same thing. When my ex would fall asleep I couldn't get lubed up and shove ****** in my *** quick enough!

I rubbed my **** on my cousins butt hole. she went wild and came. We talked about her sensitive ***. It was hot for us.

I’m a 29 yr. bi. Fem and my g/f and I love to **** each other up the *** with our 4” anal strap-on. <br />
<br />
I’d love to have you on all 4s so I could control your hips and sodomize you. Contact me and we can exchange some “delicious letters”!<br />

What your husband think about ?

Oh my God - I've gone to parties with one up my ***. Along with a **** vibrator. I think I may have come on to my husband's friend at one party ... yikes

I think you absolutely need a butt plug !