Stuffed Animals Are Luffed

I've always liked stuffed animals. I have over 400 hundred of them ... and I'm 18. Ahahaha ... But I don't really care, there's no way I'd ever get rid of any of them. Ever. Believe me, my family has been trying for years.

I'm sure if I actually cared enough I'd be ashamed to admit that when I see a Build-a-Bear store I run towards it like a child ... in high heels ... But I'm not. Stuffed animals are just a passion of mine! :D

My favorite stuffed animals are probably my pink teddy bear that I was given the day I was born (his name is Pink-Teddy, I was so original!), a big teddy bear my dad gave me for my un-birthday one year (his name is Big-Teddy ... facepalm please), a green rabbit with a hat (his name is Pikitiki), a giant stuffed monkey my dad got me two years ago (he ... doesn't have a name, I just call him Monkey), and two build-a-bear bears: a camoflauge one wearing a sparkly dress and a rainbow one wearing a purple flowery dress (named Homo-Bear and Elle-Bear(short for Lesbian-Bear) respectively).

I luffs them <3
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Do you have stuffed dinosaurs as well? Once i saw one and really wanted it, but never found for sale.

Yup, although my brother has more stuffed dinosaurs than me, I mean I'm more into cuteness than rawrness. But I do have a dozen or so stuffed dinos. :3

Stuffed dinos can be quite cute as well. But i want it because it reminds me of an old and sad story i've read

Unfortunately I never found cute stuffed dinos ^^; Well, I did find this beany dino, he was so cuteeee, but I dunno where he is. T-T