Stuffing Baby Sister

In this story (absolutely true, btw), I was the one doing the stuffing. Early 1960's. I was 6, my little sister was 2. Our family had just moved into a new house at the end of the school year (1st grade for me). Early one morning, I woke up very early before anyone else in the house. I looked in on "K" and saw she had wet her bed. I gently woke her up to let her know because mom would be a little upset about it. Even though I wasn't being demeaning, I made the comment she was still like a little baby, and we could play daddy/baby girl. For her it was going to be like playing a game. She went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up (or as best as a 2 y/o can do by themselves) and then after she put on a dry pair of panties we quietly went into the living room.

I sat in a large chair my folks had and she climbed up and laid across me with her little rear end in my lap. We had taken a small blanket she had in her room with us for a cover, mainly because the house was a little cool to be lightly dressed in. I was in my PJ's and she was in her panties and a small shirt of some kind.

I began by asking her about not waking up to go pee in the night. She just said she didn't know she was doing it in her sleep and didn't feel anything. I then said that we could play like she might be wet again, and I could check her. She playfully said okay and I would feel her little crotch, say it was dry, but I needed to check the backside. She would turn over on her tummy and I would pull the back of her panties down and say it's all good. Then, coming up with the idea, I said we could use the blanket as a 'diaper' and stuffed it inside her panties. She would giggle a little, and I would pull them back up over her rear, and then she would turn back over tummy side up.

After a few minutes, I would say it's time to check her again, look down inside the front of her panties and then tell her to turn over to check the backside. Then I would remove the blanket from her pants, and she would flip over again front side up. We would repeat this over and over until anyone else in the house woke up.

I don't remember how long this went on for. I remember when it began but don't remember when it stopped. Looking back on that now, it was just an innocent game between two little kids (one of which was still basically a toddler) neither of which consciously knew anything about sex or sexual activity.
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May 17, 2012