Diaper Stuffing

I love putting on a diaper and stuffing my fat belly. i can sit and eat til i cant move and not worry about getting up to pee. its an amazing feeling :)
princesspiggy princesspiggy
18-21, F
10 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Have you ever thought of having a tube inserted in your rectum to collect waste and/or a catheter so you can be relieved while continuing to get fatter and fatter?

It truly is a good feeling. I sometimes go out to get fast food for lunch just so I can get padded and pig out! ;)

It's the ultimate in laziness so eat up girl and enjoy yourself. Be happy, stuffed full and not a care in the world, love it.

Kinda hot.

in complete agreement so much easier in life just to use a nappy, people who call us lazy just dont understand us

All those trips to the bathroom are such wasted time :)


That's actually really hot. :)

i want you to go to the bathroom on my face..

I love doing that to would love a big chick to sit on my face and **** all over me to mmm mmm