Skillet Not Safe For...birds?

I stole this from one of my friends. It's priceless. The kicker comes at the end.


The directions from my new 8", non-stick skillet, purchased only hours ago from my local Target:


1) Before first use, prepare the inside of the cookware by greasing it with oil.

2) Cook over moderate heat. Do not overheat empty cookware.

3) Do not use abrasive cleaning products.

4) Do not use sharp or pointed kitchen utensils that could damage the non-stick surfaces.

5) Chopping or using beaters inside the cookware is not recommended.


For safety, please keep pet birds out of the kitchen. Birds' respiratory systems are sensitive to many kinds of household fumes, including the fumes from extremely overheated non-stick pans.
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7 Responses Dec 4, 2007

So I was randomly looking up some information on the benefits and dangers of flourine the other day, and on the Wikipedia page it says that some skillets are coated with a non-stick material made of flourine (which I can only assume is the product we know as Teflon). Turns out, even the Wikipedia page says that heating up this material can be harmful to a bird's respiratory system. So it wasn't an arbitrary stupid warning label after all, but a genuine safety hazard. Makes me worry a little because my parents have a Quaker parrot. Luckily for Sunny, Mom stopped cooking homemade meals when I moved out. lol.

how do they know this strange yet fascinating fact? is someone bird-testing these days?

My pet indoor houseducks are used to smoking cigarettes, so I dbout they'd be real bothered. (Unless they were actually IN the skillet!

Yeah I'm guessing my friend is the same way as me, but generally I don't look at the warning tag to make sure, just in case, that its not going to, you know, harm a bird's respiratory system or anything. lol.

Screw you, the person who bought the pan. We're more worried about Polly!

Ok because everyone keeps there pet birds near the stove!

ROFL! I've NEVER seen warning labels in concern for animals' breathing! Kind of ironic payback I guess, since small bird feathers actually disrupt some PEOPLE'S respiratory abilities! :)