There was a lady in America I think, who had just finished giving her dog a bath and her dog's furr was all wet. She was running late for a meeting and needed it dried before she left. she had just finished installing her new microwave and thought, well it heats things and if I heat my dog's furr it might dry, plus it said nothing on the box about not putting your dog in a microwave so she decided to give it a shot. The dog's howls of fright, pain and anguish drove her to stop the machine. She later SUED the company for not having a sign on the box, the company defended themselves by saying that they didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to put their dog in a microwave.

There was another incident with a lady trying to dry her hair, unfortunately she was not alive to sue the company afterwards. :(

These are some stories I heard from a teacher who knew these people. I think they're quite funny :) except for the second one coz she died :( just goes to show, don't put living things in microwaves coz they heat from the inside out :) although I think there's a sign on the box that says that now :)
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Jul 24, 2010