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The 7 Most Violent Warning Signs

Some warning signs are funny because they're so obvious and overly careful, presuming a level of stupidity in the viewer that is unimaginable. But THEN there are the signs that are simply so violent, they are actually frightening. Namely, they say that so many people have died here from this incredibly dangerous thing that we need an incredibly obvious warning sign to prevent further deaths.

#7) Propellers!

Airport landing strips are dangerous because planes land there. You really shouldn't be walking around a landing *****, because your head may be violently sliced in half by a passing propeller. Thus, these warning signs.

#6) Wheelchair & Crocodiles Don't Mix

Oh. My. God. What horror is this? As if being in a wheelchair rapidly descending a 30 degree cliff isn't enough, there's a FRIKKING ALLIGATOR waiting for you at the bottom!

#5) Don't Fix Pumpers with Enemies Nearby

Your friend can cause you to have a horrific death, all at the touch of a button from the comfort of their own home. Found on the side of a pumper truck (courtesy: Flickr)

#4) Don't Mess with Florida

This is actually not a joke. The Orlando Sentinel reported that "13 people killed six men and wounded four others, and that all but one of those shot were unarmed. The dead include a man who shook his fist at another man in a neighborhood dispute, and the wounded include a 15-year old would be car thief shot in the back of the leg while running away."

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#3) Don't Hang Around Gigantic Buzzsaws

It all sort of makes sense on the left, but the picture on the right is either from Indiana Jones, or they're slicing sewer pipes in this particular factory.

#2) Gators and Crocs are totally cool if you have a Tiny Fence To Protect You

Crocs are dangerous, we get it. What we don't get is why 4 depictions of horrible death are shown, but it's totally OK, and in fact check-mark encouraged, to stand in front of this creature when the only thing separating you from it is a tiny, short fence.

#1) Only Buddhists Should Get Near This Tiger

Creative. The tiger even looks regal. And then you get to the biting sarcasm that makes you realize that if and when this tiger decides to maul and eventually kill someone nearby, no one will try to help, nor show sympathy.


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ok, about the airplane propeller, I have two questions: You is stupid enough to walk on a damn runway when a plane is landing? And when is the last time any aircraft had propellers?!?!?!? Funny ****

Did ya happen to notice the silouette of Florida (used on the sign) looks like a hand gun ?


Some of these signs are really funny, and some are really weird. But I give you props for the cool story. Good job.

well if you avoid the nasties ur safe....been there 2x no beatings and all limbs r still intact :)

Yep, it's your comment on the wheelchair that makes it funny :)<br />
<br />
I like reading Dave Barry and I have always thought he exaggerated when he says that people go around with guns ready to be fired at the slightest hint of an altercation. So maybe now I should believe him when he says, I'm not making it up.

wakakaka...people nowadays make up signs for all things but didnt really use their brains to how the signs should be potrayed..hmm....i guess its entertaining to read these signs..

LOL...Thats Great...Thanks for the Laugh!!

love it


Awesome pics! Thanks for making me realise how silly humans really are!


hahahaha i needed a good laugh

hahahaha well, I think the person that made these had some very bad experiences in his or her life. Thanks for the warnings, we will be sure to follow them if we come across them.


My fav: #6. &hearts; <br />
Honestly, it's too sadistic.

INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Thank you for the ROFL!!!! LMAO!!!! *tear*

I LOVE the alligator vs. wheelchair one. That made me laugh out loud.... LITERALLY!

this is sooo...funny! thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the laugh. LMBO. I have never seen signs like this before. It is great. thanks again

#4 Is one of the many reasons that I'll never go to Florida.

Every time you see a sign, remember you need a minimum number of accidents ti get it there, if I remember rightly its 10 kills for a stop sign and 50 for a traffic light. I wonder how many it took to get these.

Seriously.. I laughed so hard I cried. The wheelchair one was the best!!!!!

That is tff. I like this a lot.

Very funny, thanks for sharing. :oD

Ohmigod this is the best laugh I've had all day! Thanks so much for posting these! The wheelchair crocodile thing was just too much!!!

spirallingdown That was funny. Goes to show you have to read the fine print!!!! Thanks

I was in Florida near the Kennedy Space Center and was quite impressed by a warning sign there:<br />
<br />
WARNING! Drainage ditches are infested with venomous snakes.<br />
<br />
I WAS planning to try to wade in past security and hitch a ride on a shuttle, but the sign talked me out of it.

Oh, if only some of these things would happen to the people I hate because they are annoying me to death (a rapidly growing list)!