You know the registration stickers you have to have in your car??


Yeah, well on the back of them (the bit on the inside) usually has a warning about staying focused on the road.

How are you meant to stay focused on the damn road if you have to squint and lean over to read the sticker. By the time you have read the dangers of not paying attention, you have already crashed into a pole, or fence or something.......




But I have to admit, it is funny when you ask people:

"Oh my, how did that happen?"

"i was reading the safety sticker that told me to stay awake, and i crashed"

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he he he lol

I saw one Slow Crossing

that was sooo funny twix !!!!

anyone else heard of any??

lol yea i know what your talkin bout... lol

LOL Thats pretty funny. <br />
<br />
Although not really related, your story made me think of those signs near retirement villages that say 'Aged Persons' - always cracks me up - I get this mental image of oldies on the loose - watch out for the rampaging grannies!