Sublime Is My All Time Favorite Band

Sublime is my all time favorite band. My favorite songs by them are foolish fool, saw red and santeria. I also love their cover of the Hong Kong Phooey theme song. I have all of their original release albums and one of the collections. Totally love them.
peacelovinghippiegirl peacelovinghippiegirl
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3 Responses Apr 6, 2007

marry me? no but seriously Sublime is the ****, my favorite band of all time. and whats sad is most people have only heard a fraction of their music, you can't really know Sublime till you hear their bootleg unreleased material. The hong kong phooey themes is awesome, so many rhythms and styles smashed perfectly together.

i love all sublime songs, every single one of them is gold

Foolish Fool is one of my faves too, but do you like Same In The End? That is my favorite of all time, ever. He would have been an even more amazing artist if he had lived...