After being F**cked over by dominant men who never cared about me, I have recently grown an interest in the D/s lifestyle.

In this bit of time I must say I never realized how much submissive men turn me on. I love all the attention and how willing they are to please me. I could never be with a man who is dominant. Why did I not realize this any sooner?
RoxanneRoxy RoxanneRoxy
36-40, F
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hope you find men who give you all the attention you need...

Thank you...hope so too!

Too bad, I am not close by ;)

take me tease me.

it is pretty cool isn't it


I have always liked to please women. A big girl on my face = heaven lol


maybe your close enough and it could be you!

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hi there add me wold love to chat

Some of us need women to dominate us.