At Their Best

I think submissive women are wonderful. In fact, I think that's how the very best women almost always are, at least on a personal level. I mean, in daily life many women are obviously strong and occupy high office. But in the privacy of their own desires, who knows how many Hilary Clintons or Condolisa Rices are submissive to the men who dominate them for their extreme sexual satisfaction?

I have known women like this. Highly educated, holding down powerful impressive jobs, being valued contributors to organizational culture. yet at home, alone, with that special one or ones, they have knickers off, shaved nethers on show, collar on, kneeling at their man's side as he sits with his paper and his glass of port, issuing the occasional request, the odd order. Such women *** on the strength of such submission, and claim a sex life unknown to others and foreign to those who know nothing of such a lifestyle.

I am an old fart, straight gay. My getoff is ****. My desires: ladyboys and femboys.

But in the past, for many decades, I was bi. I also got involved here and there with submissive women. I am not a big guy, and far from physical. In fact I find it uncomfortable thinking I am a Dominant. But I am intellectual, and preferring the role of mind to muscle, I like to fly the aeroplane as it were, to be captain of the ship. Submissive women turned me on no end.

Now I am past involvement in such relationships. I have realised that I am at an age where I must concentrate solely on my own writing and thinking. That's selfish, somewhat. But it's as it is.

To be involved with a submissive woman one must be willing and able to work hard on her account, to be alert always to her subtle needs, to provide for her sexual thrills. I am past that. I no longer have the energy.

I discovered this the hard way (don't ask).

But I am content with it. It doesn't mean I don't still like and hugely respect submissive women. I do and I do. And will till they drag me to my incinerator. For that's when women are at their best.
61-65, M
Sep 6, 2012