The Sight Of A Beautiful Strong Woman Kneeling...

in front of me drives me absolutely crazy. She wants so badly to please me, but that's not all.  She trusts me to understand and respect the things she has told me.  But she also trusts me to know the things about her that she's not willing to admit.  To take that gift of control that she has given to me and to treat it with respect is such a turn on.
Daddydidit Daddydidit
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5 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Mmmm sexy

Mmm... I need a girl like that

it deems like she is submissive only if she is agreeing to do it but doesn't really want to or enjoy it.

yes , it is trust. From a woman's point of view, wanting to please your man doesn't seem submissive because she will ultimately be pleased as well when she succeeds. All scenarios are of course as different as the people involved. When a woman performs ********, the man is the one in the vulnerable position and has to trust her.

Sometimes it does. I actually just learned this very recently, much to my surprise.

...i'm guessing its not your wife?