My *** Running Down Her Legs

I awoke early on a Saturday morning, I felt a slight rubbing on my arm. I looked over to see her, caressing my it. Her long dark hair falling over her shoulders, onto her baby blue nightie. "I was wondering when you were going to wake up" she said to me smiling. "Oh yeah, how long have you been awake" I said back to her. "Just a little bit" she said, still smiling. She stopped rubbing my arm, and moved her hand to my stomach. She slid her hand down my stomach to my ****, and caressed it. "I want to do it after I make our breakfast" She said to me, pulling her hand off my **** and starting to get out of bed. "No, I want to do it now, you can make breakfast afterwards." I said to her, grabbing her arm and pulling her back into bed. She giggled as I pulled her back into the bed.

I started kissing her, and running my hand through her long hair. She kissed me back, as I slid my tongue into her mouth. I broke the kiss and pulled off the shoulders straps of her nightie, moved it down her body, freeing her big ****. She lifted up her ***, as I slid the nightie down her legs and off of her. Throwing her nightie down onto the floor, I leaned in, and began to kiss and suck on her neck. She moaned and wrapped her arms around my back and the back of my head. She continued to rub my back, as I slid down her body, and rubbed her ****. I rolled her nipples between my fingers, and pinched them. I lowered my head, licked one of her nipples, swirled my tongue around it and popped it into my mouth. I began sucking on her nipple, as I twisted and pulled the other one with my hand. "Yeeessss" she said with a sigh under her breath. I took my hand off of her ***, and slid it down her stomach, reaching under her blue panties, I started rubbing her **** in circles with my fingers as I pulled my mouth off of her other ***. I got up onto my knees, and grabbed either side of her panties. She lifted her *** up, and I slid her panties down her legs. I grabbed her legs and pulled her down the bed to me. Spreading her legs wide, as I moved in between them.

I took my hard **** and rubbed it on her **** and ***** lips. "Put it in me please" she said to me. "No, you have to beg harder than that" I said looking down at her, still teasing her with my ****, rubbing it on her *****. "Pleeeease, **** me hard, **** my wet *****, I want your hard ****." She said back to me, now thrusting her ***** up at my ****. "That's my good girl" I said to her, then I slammed into her hot, wet *****. I thrusted in deep, as she sighed and began to moan. I started pumping my **** in and out, I leaned down and kissed her again. She was moaning and sighing into my mouth as we kissed. She wrapped her legs around my back, as I broke our kiss, and started ******* her harder. She ran her hands up and down my chest, as I stroked myself inside of her. Both of us were breathing heavy, when I started to feel myself swelling up inside of her. I went as deep as I could, and blow my load into her wet, hot *****. I could feel her *******, as I shot into her. Her tight ***** walls sucking and ******* on my ****, as I emptied myself into her. Finally, spent I collapsed on top of her. After we both recovered, I pulled out of her. She put her nightie back on, and I got my boxers back on. We went down to the kitchen together, and I sat at the kitchen table. I watched her make our breakfast, while my *** ran out of her *****, and down her legs.
DomGuy1 DomGuy1
31-35, M
Sep 9, 2012