Is It Ok

I've had a master for almost 3yrs i am his completely but he belongs to another.... He barely has time for me and this has me feeling lost and confused...Is it ok to feel this way??
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Yes, your Master should always have time for you, he is neglecting you and that is wrong.

Of course it's OK for you to feel this way. Whether the situation is acceptable is up to you.

Clearly, this isn't working for you. You're being used. If that's not alright for you, then it's time to move on.

There are plenty of men--some who know what they're doing, others clueless, so take your time in choosing--who would take you.


The simple truth of the matter is it is not ok. A D/s relationship, like any lasting relationship requires committment and time. How can someone say something is important to him if he does not devote any time to that person. You need to have a serious discussion about your relationship and your needs and his needs. Being a submissive does not mean that you are his doormat. Just as you commit to obey him he commits to be there for you also, and simply put he is not. If you need to talk or want to vent drop me a message. *hugs*

This presents a problem. If he is not able to give appropriate attention and care to you, he must shift his priorities. It's often been said that a person cannot serve masters. They will inevitably lean to showing preferable attention to one over the other. Similarly, if he is your master but is being mastered by another... well, you clearly see the dilemma. You need to have an honest talk with him to see how/if this can be ironed out. You deserve a master who will look after you in a proper manner as much as he deserves a loving and obedient submissive woman. I wish you the best as you move forward. *hugz*

Thank you, I have expressed my feelings and I've realized that the situation isn't going to change. I've come to a crossroads and have to decide how to try and go from here

*hugz* Yeah. When each party in a relationship isn't willing to find a mutually beneficial common ground, things rarely go well. I'm sorry you're in that situation. I hope you do (and trust that you will) find a way to move forward and away from him and all that. You and we all deserve better than to be with a person who doesn't genuinely feel as well as demonstrate a desire to care for and look after the needs of the person they're with, whether in a vanilla relationship or D/s, M/s relationship.