I Need A Master With A Great Imagination To Take My Virginity In A Way Iv Been Holding Out For.

maybe him grabbing me in the night and dragging me into the trunk of his car n taking me home throw me on the floor n slam n lock the door shut, tell me I am a)out to become a **** sucking *** eating lil whoregrabs me by my hair to the kitchen n gets a knife holds it to my neck ...n under my top n cuts it off along with the rest o$ my clothes until im curled up naked on the floor, he laughs and says u look like a good lil doggy already I have something special for u, he leaves the room and I rush to a door and open i5 but all that is bhind is shelves with white containers on I close it n cower to a corner, he comes back into the room holding something metal with a, chain , he tries to encourage me out of the corner saying it won't hurt n that I should be a good lil doggy for my own sake, o think about it but am frozen with fear, he comes towards me aggressively grabs my hair n drags me out of the corner saying I told u u stupid lil ***** he puts a cold heavy metal collar around my neck while he holds the chain n he swings back his arm bring it back with full force across my *** I scream in pain and jolt forward but as I do he yanks the chain back grabs my hair n pullsmme to look him in the eyes n says now r u going to be a good lil ***** I nod my head while crying he smacks my face so hard n says say it so I say " I'm going to be a good lil ***** " he smiles and almost shows some compassion when he strokes my hair from my face, he says come on now that's a good girl follow daddy as he starts walking with the chain,o I stand up and take a couple steps til he notices n says get on all fours and u stay on them unless given permission to do different, he leads me To a cage that I only just fit into he locks it then sits in a leather chair 4infront of it just staring at me and smiling, I can tell he is thinking deeply and I dread to think of what, he starts to undo his jeans and stroking his **** while staring hard at me, he asks what my sexual background is .... I tell him I am a virgin and his eyes widen and he hard **** twitches, he stands up quickly n goes to the back of ky cage to inspect my ***** ordering me to spread my legs he puts his hands thru the bars n grabs my hips pushing my *** n ***** up against the cage he spits on his lil finger n eases it into my ***** I scream and plead no as I'm looking back and just half of his lil finger is in my ***** he is stroking his **** hard with a huge grin on his face he removes his lil finger puts it in his mouth and says jackpot, I hear him moving the contents of a draw looking for something until he emerges with duct tape he puts it around my thighs and back out the cage sealing my ***** to the cage lined up inbetween the gaps of the bars, I'm crying and screaming no but he just laughs and says don't worry your going to be very used to **** very soon my lil girl daddy is just going to break you in and with that he spits on his hard **** twice lines up the head of his **** with my tight virgin ***** at this point I am very scared and nervous but a part of me is excited and I am uncontrollably a bit wet I think how its going to feel this man's big **** slowly pushing inside of me will I like it? It sure did turn me on watching him stroke it even tho it shouldn't, and with that thought I was made breathless and thoughtless as 8 inches of solid **** just rammed its self into my virgin ***** with one rough push .. I finally let out a scream , he slowly takes his **** out and has a wide smile on his face he walks around to the front of me and I see my blood on his **** he's looking at it with pride and a sick thrill he pushes it in ky face and says " lick and suck ur no longer virgin ***** juices of my **** now" I move away as much as I can which isn't much so he smacks me across the face with his cockhhe then grabs the knife n sticks it in the cage cm away from my face and says suck it, I slowly inch closer to his throbbing **** and nervously open my mouth dreading the taste as my lips meet his head . Shoves it to the back of my throat putting his hand thru the top of the cage and grabbing the back of my head , my eyes r closed tightly for a while until I feel his hand loosen n give me more freedom... I realize its because I'm doing it myself... Am I enjoying this? I was sure getting wetter... I think I was enjoying it how cud this be? A stranges **** in my mouth that just raped me the first ever **** in my ***** and mouth ... My thoughts were interrupted by his voice groaning ahh that's a good girl ..n my eyes opened widely ... I was definitely enjoying sucking this strangers big hard ****!!! Enthusiastically taking his **** in my mouth wrapping my tung around it enjoying every inch still with a background of guilt for being so dirty ... I start to worry thinking about when he ****... But he pulls out of my mouth walks around and slowly slides into my ***** and says that's for being a good girl, now ur virgin ***** going to get its first of many loads of *** as he's pumping my ***** with his long thick hard ****. His **** twitches n he fills my ***** with his *** he pulled out and watched his *** drip out of me then he stood infront of me and ordered me to lick his **** clean .. I did then he cupped ky face I felt warm inside ..he was going to kiss me :) ... Instead I felt his spit land on ny face n he slapped me n called me a good lil ***** and walked away ..n I felt empty and ashamed yet I still caught myself thinking about his **** desiring him and being wet from the memories wondering when he'd come back and what he would do. He finally came back into the room and asked me if I was thirsty , I replied yes and he reached for something n placed a metal bowl on my cage floor , I was think o god rly am I going to have to eat and drink like a dog, but it was worse than that he pulled his **** out and stream of warm **** into my bowl ... He shook his **** and said there u go and walked away then his footsteps stopped and he said " o I am out of town for a few days so make that last " and left . Two days went by and I was desperately thirsty I had to do it .. I closed my eyes tightly and lapped up his **** like a dog
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I wish I knew you in real so I could fulfill your fantasies out.. This is so ******* hot. I would love to do that