Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

on honey oat bread....with lettuce, tomato, light mayo, oregano, green peppers and TONS of pickles!!

Oh so Yummy!!
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Marcus101- LOL!! Ummm no pickles ? :P

BBQ rib, cheesesteak, and chicken salsa subs RULE! <br />
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Whoops, is this thing ON???<br />
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I meant to text...LOL :P

Kry- Subway is the best and don't forget the pickles!!! XOXOX

Thanks Days :)


glad you enjoy it

The thing the guy at subway told me was that a lot of people didn't like it and it had raisins...I was like ummm no I think I'll get the chicken!

It is like they won't you to think the chicken was walking around in the orchard just eating apples. Well I will tell you that if I was eating some apples in an orchard and some dude comes among and chops my head off I am not going to be happy. There are NO happy orchard chickens in that sub!!!

I love a good spicy Italian but I don't put him on bread. lol

Gross! Thanks for the tip on that one ..ugh!

LOL, FG! I always suspected that that whole Chicken Orchard thing was a bit of a hype-thing.<br />
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Sometimes the best sandwiches are the simple ones...;)<br />
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It tastes like they cut up mushy apples and marinated them in vinegar and then loaded it with mayo. I tried two different Subways (even driving into Hinesville the second day) and both times they were loaded and nasty.

Spicy Italian!!!! Extra pepper-chennies with pepper jack cheese!!!!!<br />
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FG- that's the one I really have wanted to try too. What was wrong with it?

Oh snowy I do NOT like that Orchard Chicken Salad. I had one when I was in Georgia and it was yucky!

LMAO@ FG!! I like italian herb bread and mushbucket too...

Oh and for me it is all about the olives and the peppers..

I like the Italian Herb bread with a side of mushbucket lol.

It's all about the pickles :)

comin' up! :)

Marcus101- Always extra pickles :)

....would you like some extra pickles with that sandwich, ma'am? :)