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Italian Bmt Please

I have had an on again off again love affair with Subway. But lately have been loving it all over again.

My favorite now is a toasted, Italian BMT, with white american, a little bit of lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onion, black olives, salt, pepper and mayo on an Italian bun.

Before my oldest introduced this to me, I would have never had it toasted but for some reason it taste good.

I am branching out from my steak and cheese or basic ham and cheese.
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I'm a subway club girl myself. .with pepperjack cheese . . .loaded with all the veggies and just a bit of oil, salt and pepper. . Sometimes I skip the meat and just get all veggie. .

My favorite too but i don't toast mine and i love pepper jack cheese lettuce tomatoe onion green peppers and pickles a little mayo and hot pepper relish!! Love those subs!

Me too.I like the one with lots of meat,salami, peppers, cheese and well..everything so juicy.Now I want to go out and get one..