The Place Smells So Good!

The smell of a subway restaurant is enough to draw anyone in!  I've always enjoyed their sandwiches. 

Sometimes I'll get a meatball sub with black olives and provolone cheese.  Sometimes I get tuna and American cheese.  Other times I get turkey or roast beef with cheese and mayo and mustard.  But I don't like any of the other stuff on there. 

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4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

In Canada, we have Mr. Submarine ... When I first slung subs, and I was fast, there were maybe five toppings. Subway brought variety, and the pickiest customers it's ever been my privilege to forget. It got to taking ten minutes a sub, come on now! ...

Aww Mello, that sucks =[ But I can definitely understand that.<br />
<br />
Upsidowntown, you gave me an idea!!!

MMM, roasted chicken breast, ranch dressing,provolone, Italian herb and cheese, spinach, lettuce, tomato.. I'm hungry.

mmmmmmm....trouble is, I've never been able to finish one :(