For The Leaders Of Mankind.

These are a few points, that are, in my opinion, crucial to success. We all have our own definitions of what success is, so relevance may vary.

1. Act as if. If you want to be a leader, act like one. This will immediatly alter your perception of yourself, and as a result alter the way in which others percieve you. In theory, if you tell a child that they are an exceptionally talented at doing a specific activity or task, the desire to perform the this activity will increase, as will their confidence. They will develope a 'talent', this is what conditioning can do. Make yourself believe that you already are that which you wish to become.

2. As a general rule, always listen 60% and talk 40%. This is something that many people will find hard to do. People feel the need to talk. We tend to clarify and understand our own feelings, with greater success when someone is listening. Most people talk for their own benifit rather than the benifit of the listener. It takes a very disiplined person to be able to listen. If you can master this skill, you will find that, not only will you learn and absorb more information but that people will develop a great respect for you.

3. Choose the people you associate with and the activities you partake in carefully, a good reputation, although hard to develop, can be tarnished in seconds. Time is valuable, use this time wisely.

4. Your image is important, always be at your best. People in power wear dark clothing, I gaurentee that more people will be willing to both listen, and obey, one dressed in a navy blue or black suit, than someone wearing white, cream, peach, pink, etc. Smell and composure also play an important role in image. Display grace and composure at all times. In a sound body rests a sound mind.

Till next time.
May the stars remain far above the earth.

alexlevelxela alexlevelxela
Jan 30, 2011