I Love Suckign Guys Off--especially When They Cumm In My Mouth

I love sucking **** and tasting the guy’s cumm when he pumps it in my mouth is the best part. ***** is delicious and feels so sexy in my mouth--of course I ALWAYS swallow because I just LOVE swallowing *****.

I often check out the craigslist personals adds “m4t” and send off emails to all that looked promising.

While I wait for replies I shower, douched (hoping to get ****** too), and shaved my legs and…well everything else below my eyebrows. When I am done, I usually find at least one has replied and email them back or IM them if they are active. I’ll figure a place to meet or tell them where to come pick me up.

While he was on his way I dress up in black stockings, garter belt, and 36G bra with bouncy silicone forms, added a nice sexy slip and pulled on a pretty dress, do my makeup and finally slip on my slutty-strappy 4” heels.

I wait curbside in front of the hotel until he pulls up. When I open the door, I see a good-looking young black man in the drivers seat and know right then I was going to enjoy this encounter even more than I had thought…I just love black **** so much!

He drives me to his place and shows me to his bedroom where I quickly knell, open his pants, and pull out his quickly firming member. I start sucking him as he tells me how good I look and how he had been looking for a girl like me for a while but not finding one in this town.

I enjoy sucking **** so much that I have trouble with men not lasting…I make him last as long as I can but soon he is ready to blow and tells me he was going to ***. He tries to pull out but I hold onto his *** and pull him back into my mouth and suck hard as he begins to spurt. He clearly isn’t expecting to cumm in my mouth, he gaspes and calles out “oh yes!” as I suck his freely flowing ***** from his nuts. I have to swallow a couple of times to keep from spilling any, then savor the flavor of the last in my mouth as I strok up the bottom of his shaft to coax single ***** into my mouth.

He sayes it was the best ******* he’d had in…he can’t remember how long, maybe the best he’s ever had.
barbarascampbell barbarascampbell
41-45, T
1 Response May 27, 2011

I don't know why I didn't respond. I enjoyed the visuals that barbara offered and am currently thinking about playing with CD's. I should have said something, so I'm saying something now. Hot night and I'm sure it was the best BJ he'd had in years! I love to play with married men, they are so safe and appreciative.