I Shouldnt Have Placed An Ad On Craiglist In Worcester,ma

I am a normal Bi married white man who doesnt get any kind of sex at home & I am always thinking about sucking a huge **** black white whatever as long as it is loaded with fresh warm *** right from the tap. Well a friend said try and see whats on c/l so opened an account read thur it placed an ad for a lover of *** recieved a couple of messages via laptop set up a meeting with a 57 y/o guy (alone said he had friends but he wouldnt bring them this time. When he rang the bell I looked out & only saw him I was naked and I was extremly horned, when I opened the door 7 guys came into my apt they didnt even close the front door they forced me to take there ***** one by one into and enjoy all the *** they said I had to swallow,after a while my mouth was getting sore for being opened, I asked to relax for a few minuets & a guy said good thing we brought it with us the next thing I knew I had a wire clamp wrapped around my head keeping my mouth open, the 3rd guy said fli him over I want to see his *** **** he must love to have things up there as well,It seemed like hrs passed I would suck one off and another would shove it up my *** and either *** in my *** or bring it to my mouth and have to swallow it ,i tatsed **** *** **** you name it I swallowed it all. I heard a comotion at the front door it was my neighbor he said he saw all the cars and was being nossy he walked in they were all naked and having there way, he said well I might get off here and now so he walked over with out any lube on his **** otherthen the *** that was in my *** and set forth to give me a royal ******* he said I heard we had a guy in the neighborhood that sucked **** take it like the ***** you are, the guy that had just *** in my mouth said to him before you *** in his *** let him swallow it out of your **** in his mouth, he did and then he took his belt off and proceeded to whip my *** w/his belt, this was making me so excited, that I was getting a hardon one guy said he is getting a woody anybody want to jack him off there had been guys twisting my nipples and they were getting sore and stinging another guy said yes I will jack him off find me a cup so I can have him *** in it then he swallow his own ***.I came with in 5 minutes, they all started to leave a couple stayed and had me suck there *** from another load in my mouth some guys could *** 4 & 5 times some came like a fire hose I dont know how much aiI swallowed ,but when my neighbor was the last to leave he said well did you get enough **** and ***, he said that when he didnt get it at home in the future I will get it from you, he said Does your wive know you suck **** and swallow,since they removed the wire gag I said No she doesnt know & there is no need to tell her,he said then whenever I want it I will call & you will suck and lick my balls and let me **** your smooth non virgin *** and then suck my *** into and down your throat, I said as long as she isnt home, he said something I dont know what & he left I looked all around the floor there was *** blood,**** all opver the place,needless to say I had to clean up right away, I havent placed an ad on C/L since .But that doesnt matter the guys that were here *** by when they need to bust a nut, sometimes she is home & I go into the garage just to swallow a fresh hot sometimes bitter sometimes sweet few gulps of *** *** *** ***. If you have never sucked another mans **** and was able to let it come in your mouth and to feel it slide down the back of your throat U should try it. I love sucking **** and swallow every drop. Yummo
letmeswallowitwhole letmeswallowitwhole
61-65, M
Dec 7, 2012