That's What Changed My First Woman From G / F To Lover To Wife

After an initial period of letter writing my encounters with my first wife moved into face-to-face visits. I would drive 500 miles on a weekend to visit her at school then 500 miles back home. Then she came to visit me at home - where our story really begins.

The first night at my home (home I shared with my parents and at least three of my siblings) we finally settled down for a nights sleep rest. My "girl friend" was on a day bed and I had a spot on the floor beside her (already a **** sleeping on the floor next to his Mistress). We finally got talked out and she stretched her head to kiss me good night. I reached up to hold her head but then the destination of my hand changed from head to inside her bra. I reached in and pulled one breast out of her bra and started sucking on her nipple. That changed everything. Our original plan was to stay at my home for another day and night the the day after I would drive her back home. But once we discovered the joys of breast/nipple sucking, those plans went out the window.

We left early, a day early, so we could take our time across Illinois and Iowa (before very much of I-80 was built) on back roads and stop whenever the mood hit for a little more ***-sucking. We would drive through a small town, see a city park that was deserted in the middle of the day and have more fun. By the time I got her back to school we were on our way to marriage.
But I have to confess that another scoop-the-breast-from-the-bra was responsible for destroying that marriage. My wife's best friend was visiting me at work (I was all alone in my office building) and we were just playing around. She sat in my desk chair and I had to do something at the desk so I sat on her lap. All was not yet lost. But after I finished doing whatever I needed to do I turned back to her and gave her a little kiss and then did the scoop-from-the-bra and started sucking on her nipple. And that led to full-out affair which finally led to divorce.
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Lol, not at the divorce - that's sad - but at your light-heartedness. Naughty boy.

1) I do have a problem being serious about many things.
2) I most definitely am a naughty boy, a ****, and proud of it in a way (and sometimes, yes, a little ashamed of it - but that does not stop me from being naughty).