When I Sucked My First Penis

I was about 16 when I sucked  my first penis was when the guys that were my age got together and my house and we where reading some girly magazines and jacking off then out of no where one guy started to suck me the I started to suck the guy next to me. Then we all started to sucked each other off. I do not know about the rest of them but I ate the *** from the guy I was sucking and the guy that was sucking me eat my *** and I have love sucking penis's ever since.

bibadboy69 bibadboy69
61-65, M
6 Responses Feb 12, 2010

do not like pee games.

Never been in something like that... sounds hot

Do you play pee games and do you drink from the tap.

just ***

Yes that started our circle sucks when we got togethrer on weekend mornings.

It sure sounds good to me. Is that a circle suck? I would love that.

yes it is fun and get plenty of ***

What a great introducton to sucking penis! It is even better that you enjoy it and continue to do so.

yes still enjoy it and still continue to do so.