Why Do We Call It A Penis

i call it a sauage, bologna, salami, ****, a chichen, waggin the dog, but why be so scienctific about what it is?i just love to find a good one and suck it!  i like to go from soft to a firm and str8 (****).  I want to please the man or boy  in whom I am doing.  And, when I mean boy 18 or higher, because I am almost fifty.  I like to suck a good old **** ****, or penis, any time and just about any where I can.  I like to Please the man or boy whom I am doing, until he goes into shell shock.  I have a friend who is a cop and I told him (and he's married), that if your wife won't suck it I will.  No reply from him yet?  I have asked the volunteer fire dept. boys and I mean boys (18), if they would like to have there penis sucked, but again know, reply?then a friend of mine comes in I service his penis, and that's about every two weeks or so, and his parents have locked him out of the house.  But if there is a penis out there that wants to be sucked then bring it hereand i'll do my best o Please you!

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Bring it on!

May I take a number?