Well my husband and I just had our first baby (a girl) we want to wait a couple years before having another. We are a very young and sexual couple. So the thought of waiting two months to **** again sounded undoable. So for the solution to waiting for me to heal was foreplay. My husband is my first so there's a lot I haven't tried so here goes the experience. One day as hubby and I was cuddling in bed I started to feel on his chest. I started to play with his nipple and I began to suck on nipples til they were hard and put my hand down to his ****. I started to rub my hand up and down his big soft ****. I then started to kiss his lips and slip my tongue down his throat as he did with his down mines. As we were kissing his **** began to stand up. I continued to kiss him and rub his penis. I then went down and began kissing his big **** and I began sucking sucking sucking. I would make the head of his **** touch the back of my throat. I sucked vigorously like I was trying to suck the precum out of him. I then began to massage his beautiful bouncing balls I put them in my mouth and played with my tongue with him while jacking him off. He took both his hands and popped my ******* out of my bra and began to twist my nipples causing me to moan with pleasure. My ***** dripping now . I then deep throat my husband **** he continues to play with my hard nipples with one hand and his other hand on my head. He's now ******* my mouth and moaning loud. I too am moaning. I began to suck his **** head and with both hands stroking his **** up and down. I suck his **** like a lollipop. I then develop a thirst for his ***. Im jacking him off like crazy and saying "give me that *** daddy im thirtsy for that milk daddy *** in my mouth" I goo back to sucking then I feel the warm stcky *** in my mouth . I just slurp and suck the milk right out of him and swallowed his ***. I sucked him dry. I enjoyed him ******* my mouth. I loved tasting and swallowing his ***. I crave the taste of his **** everytime I see him I just want him to *** in my mouth again. That's my first experience tasting and swallowing ***....

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