Her Breast Gave Me Peace, Joy And Contentment

I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a local woman for a regular suckling partner. It wasn't about sex, and I was clear about that in the post. After the usual round of spam, I received one response that seemed genuine. We met, had lunch and talked about life, but I was beside myself in want of her breast. We went back to her apartment, closed the door and it was very dark in her house, and very cozy. We disrobed, and she lay on her side in bed. She is a very large woman and the site of her huge belly and her breast draped to one side was so arousing that I immediately became erect. I was a bit embarassed, because that wasn't the point but she said "come here honey, come nurse at mommy's breast" She held out her hand,and I took it, lying on my side as well, caressing her breast with both hands I started to lick her nipple, then latching on to her entire aereola and milking it. She wasn't lactating, but I continued with this for about 15 minutes. Her skin so soft, her belly so comforting, her face was so beautiful as I looked up with her breast in my mouth. She was caressing my head, with her fingers running through my hair. My left hand was caressing her entire body, pulling her closer as my face was completely buried in her breast. My eyes welled up, and tear of joy streamed down my face. She took her other hand and was caressing my hairy chest. She said "would you mind if I touched your ****?" I responded with "of course not, would you like it if I massaged between your legs" She said "Mommy would really enjoy that". I latched on again and we each had our hands on the other's genitals. She moaned as I applied pressure just inside of her and gripped her nipple hard with my mouth, tugging it away from her. I could feel her puslating in ****** from that.

After it was all over, we kissed and I left. I was on cloud nine for a week from that.

I have such strong feelings of love for her. I miss her and want to see her again.
dmband2009 dmband2009
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1 Response Mar 5, 2011

I think I'll give Craig's list a try.