My First Experience Of Breast Sucking At The Age Of 19 Yrs...

I'm always fascinated by women's breast. The first thing I do, when I see a woman is - looking at her breasts.Honestly , I tried to control my look but fail to do that always.Boobs of woman attracts me like a magnet towards iron. I think, the 'God' has created 'woman' as 'Piece of Art' & "Breasts" are the elegant, subtle works on that artistic beauty.I found, woman with 'Large-breasts' are truly 'Beautiful', 'Graceful by womanhood', definitely 'Desirable' & 'Lustful'.The God is kind enough to me that my Lady is an adorable woman with an adorable 'Assets' of 48DD.I never let go a single night without fondling, touching, gentle kissing her lovely assets.They are JUST AWESOME!!!!!

Anyway, my first experience of tasting a woman's breasts happened when I was 19 yrs. old. It was the month of December, a winter season in India.I've dated my lady (my first GF) almost 4 months. By this time, we had spent our wonderful time by knowing each other emotionally, by gentle touching, hugging, whispering in ears, loving, passionate kissing etc.The Time was flying like blinking of eyes.Every moment, spending with her was colourful, full of love, passionate, discovering an woman emotionally & physically. It was really enchanting as she was 'Teen' that time.She's a typical 'Indian Dusky Beauty' with almost an 'Hourglass figure' of 36-26-34.It was 'First-love' for both of us. In December, one day, my whole family was out in vacation. I was alone in home. I met 'Lavanya' (My gf's name) at her college, after the classes were over. It was pre-decided that Lavanya would come with me. I was melted with her smile while met at the college. Then after seeing-off her friends as soon as the classes over, we started for our home. It was dusk.Darkness slowly grabbing the whole city. Street lights were about to on. We were walking through a grassy field towards my home. Sometimes we were talking very softly. Most of the time, both of us were silent but holding each-others hands.I knew me & Lavanya, both were excited internally but was not expressing by words.Finally we reached home &........ once I closed the door, I gave Lavanya a hug & a passionate deep kiss. We hugged each other for almost next 10 minutes & followed by deep kiss. Our eyes were closed, we were kissing each other for a long & it was like - we lost in kissing..... we found each other in kissing. She was breathing rapidly. I was feeling heat from her every breathing.Then I softly said - " Welcome to my world". She threw her ever magical smile which won me again.

After having snacks, prepared by me we both reached to our Bedroom. Cosily sitting on our bed, we were holding each others...softly having romantic talks and kissing every now & then in between our talks. Trying feeling every breathe of her, trying reading what those beautiful eyes were telling to me. ...slowly we became more closer, my chest was touching her chest, touching her beautiful-soft-fluffy breasts, I could count her heart-beats then. I gently put my hand on her left breast. Lavanya hugged me more closely.She was leaning on my chest, her breathing was faster, eyes were closed & started moaning very softly. My eyes were also closed, I was trying to feel by my hand those softly, round, firm breasts. It was amazingly soft. I was continuously holding & started pressing ( very softly & slowly) her boobs. I was fully aroused by that time & Lavanya too. Her moaning was increased, eyes were closed, rapidly breathing & a delightful, enjoying smile on her lips. I felt her erected nipples into my palm.I started kissing her very deeply. She was hot by now. I slowly started kissing her neck, her ear-lobe, biting her rosy-lips and then, come down to her boobs. I started rubbing my lips, my face on her breasts. My eyes were closed, I was moaning & madly rubbing my face on her boobs. I was circling my lips around her nipples. I started licking Lavanya's breasts through her clothes. I was pressing her soft boobs by my face. Lavanya was holding me tightly, was enjoying every bit of it. She was also rubbing & pressing her boobs against my face. Her nipples fully erected. I was softly biting her nipple through clothes.I requested Lavanya to pull down her clothes. It was too awesome to see a woman getting undress.She slowly pulled down her jewelleries, ear-rings, 'Dupatta', 'Churidaar' (Indian female wearing) & finally her 'Bra'. I was mesmerized by seeing her woman's boobs for the first time in my life. My mouth was opened for few seconds after seeing her gorgeous breasts....those were firm, round, brown areola, fully erected Nipples & were glittering in the darkness. I really could not breathe for next few seconds. It seemed like I don't belong to this world any more............... I took a deep breathe & finally touched her breast, felt those heavenly part of Lavanya's body.I holded it for next few seconds. I touched every inch of her breasts, I touched areola, nipples. And,......... slowly I brought my lips closer to her boobs, start kissing gently . Felt her nipple through my lips. Rubbed my lips on her nipples &............. very slowly, after some times took her nipples into my mouth. It was hot but sweet in taste & it was amazingly erected. My mouth filled with a heavenly flavour & creamy texture. I plunged into her breasts....travelled through her nipples, areola for a timeless period......discovered a woman.....I forgot who am I. Finally I woke up.....and discovered we came to know each other more passionately. Lavanya made me 'Man' today.

Women's breasts are most precious for them as well as for us........

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what was her age at that time??

Very true. Thanks for sharing, passionate and sensitive.