Love Sucking Breasts

I just love sucking and fondling woman's breasts, especially big breasts. I could stay doing it all day and night if I found someone that wanted that. I'd like to find a woman who wants to lactate, or who is. I would want to spend ages Breastfeeding from her; I would want to suck on her breasts till I've drunk them dry and then still keep sucking. I love to caress breasts, to play with them, fondle them for a long time, suckle them and anything else also desired. I never grow tired of breasts. I live in England and it's just hard to find someone like that anywhere near me, or anywhere I can get to.
BreastLover2 BreastLover2
26-30, M
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Where in England? ;)

I'm from Berkshire. You?

Wish you were here in the states

Which state lol