My First Time.

Well this is a double story it involves me going after married woman and making them cheat and also my first experience as an ABF. I was young 20 or 21 and had been working in the security industry about 3 years at the time basically since the day I turned 18. I worked numerous places nightclubs bars ***** clubs and even some private apartments and shopping centers. At this time I was on a crusade to basically bang any married woman I could woo. It was about the chase and making the woman feel the love and lust someone else could give them that their husbands had been neglecting. I was working downtown ft lauderdale at a place called riverfront. Across the street there was a Haagen Dazs I didnt mind having ice cream so I would go in there every once in a while and get a scoop. If anyone knows me they know I LOVE pregnant woman not sure why I just do. Well I met Nadine and indian woman who worked there. She was a couple years older then me and coincidently I knew her husband a real dbag. Well anyways often she would work alone and I would come see her. After she had her baby my visits became more often I would hang there for an hour or two at a time. Well one thing lead to another and she made the first move. She asked me to go to the storage closet to get some cups for her and she followed me and basically attacked me planting a deep kiss on me. She was great her tongue was awesome her titts were full and heavy. Unfortunately we could not continue to far as we were basically in the store even though it was in the back. So one day after texting quite a bit she agreed to meet me in the movie theaters (Sunrise Cinemas) on her lunch break. I knew everybody so we just walked in and went to who knows what movie. From there is was on my hands in her pants, she was soaked already and her on my ****. I went for her titts but she stopped me and told me she was nursing. I didnt think about it at the time because I was horny as hell. I just went for it and got the greatest surprise warm and slightly tart mommy milk. I was hooked ever since. Unfortunately the next day I got a call from her phone at about 7am while I was sleeping and then it hung up. Come to find out the texting sent her over her limit pushing her phone bill way over and her husband found out. LOL he was pissed and he threatened to slice me with a knife when I told him to stop neglecting her and try her milk he got even more pissed. Needless to say I wasnt allowed to have Haagen Dazs anymore. Oh Well I am looking for my new ABF or ANR hopefully in the tampa area.
mjames1218 mjames1218
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013