Anr Without Sex And How I Found An Incredible Emotional Intimacy

This perhaps will be a combination of perspectives or stories I have experienced since meeting one special person the first week in December. My stories have inspired many of you and when possible I have mentored or consulted women across the country and have shared in their successes with ANR and also the thrill of seeing those first few drops of milk. I am not any different than most who share an interest in ANR who hope that there is a special  someone for them to share it with. I by the grace of God have experienced being with 5 different women and now 6 who I have made that connection with. There is nothing like the first meeting and taking time to open up with your thoughts and hopes with someone who potentially can be that special someone. In many ways we are naive about the level of commitment that is required and the understanding that not all situations are ideal but with commitment come team work and a developing relationship that as my partner has said can get quite intense very quickly. It has been easy for me to be clinical in my approach with any female when I describe the protocol for inducing. It is my primary objective to help my personal partner or those I have been blessed to share my experience with over the phone. I have been quick to say that although sex is not an object when nursing as it should be but my partners have always succumbed to the arousing affect produced by my nursing. We men should always be prepared to handle this arousal in a way that doesn't allow ourselves to cross the line figuring why not.

I could have taken advantage of this situation many times, but despite being skin to skin there is always a veil of space between 2 people and MEN should respect that going any further is not a choice you make. It will always be the female's choice how quickly you advance. In my case, I was aware of circumstances that created boundaries to how far I could escalate the intimacy. It has been very difficult to hold back what I feel sexually for this person, particularly when I have been sleeping with her for many nights since we met. We have maintained our nursing sessions at night and before we go to work in the morning. Each evening when we see each other there is an immediate hug, kiss, perhaps some sharing of intimate thoughts. It is our time to start preparing for our bedtime nursing. Dinner is always an intimate time sharing the daily struggles of work and my providing the understanding and caring to relieve my partners stresses. I want her clear of mind to focus on her successfully inducing lactation. This person is a corporate executive and quite private with overwhelming responsibilities who has found ANR to be rejuvenating and I am sure refreshing. Her spare time to maintain her sessions has been a challenge but as each day goes by without her lactating I have found an immense overwhelming emotional intimacy I never expected. It has been so enriching and I always feel a Rocky Mountain High as John Denver would say. I have felt and experienced the intense sexual intimacy in the past that develops with an ongoing ANR but my experience with this very special person has given me awareness that ANR can give you an incredibly beautiful relationship without sex. One day I hope that will happen but until her feelings change I will glory in everyday I can be with her and give her the support she needs to successfully achieve lactation. I have been blessed by her presence in my life and I hope each of you who long for this experience to be shared with another person can come your way. It will forever change your life and how you treat your significant other. If by chance we part and go our separate ways, we will always know for one moment in our lives there was no one who could hold our hearts as deeply and with as much emotion.

funguy55 funguy55
61-65, M
Jan 22, 2013