Is ABF/ANR more present than one might think?

It was just another evening I went out with my friends in a casual bar. I had found out about abf and started to be curious not that long ago. The place wasn't crowded and the music volume was low so it wasn't noisy. Not far from us there were three young women sitting behind the table. My buddies were talking but my thoughts drifted away for a moment. Unintentionally, I heard the conversation between the women. One of them said something like:
"...Guess what I heard. *A certain person* let her husband to actually taste her..."
And I was like: "Am I tripping or she was just referring to...?" I was waiting with anticipation how the others would react. Expected something like "omg; are they nuts" etc. But no. One of them said:
"Oh, I heard that some people do that too." with rather calm tone.
I couldn't believe. The first thought was "They actually did it! And just indirectly asked their friends for confirmation." Off course, that didn't have to be true but I secretly hoped it was.
Anyway abf isn't something that is talked about often even worldwide, so you can imagine how surprised I was when heard this. Later I found on the web that quite a few people are interested in this, but still it is far from mainstream.
I personally never had experience with this kind of relationship, but you never know. Your wishes might be closer to you than you think.

Cheers all : )
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

It happens incidentally with new mothers and their husbands, other than that, no, due to the effort to induce.

Even with new mothers and husbands (or similar), there's a cultural taboo or conflating milk with body waste or sweat.

But, yes, it must have been surreal to overhear it in a conversation from someone knowing about ABF/ANR.