Miss Lactating

I miss lactating, I loved every minute of it.  I remember nursing my baby in the mall while noticing a man who couldnt take his eyes off my gorgeous mounds.  When I went to swtich sides, I left my breast exposed (i would usually go to a slow end of the mall) I put the baby on the other side, with my left breast right out there for the world to view, I just looked at him.  He began to get hard and I could see his growing bulge in his pants, I smiled and touched my nipple...he rubbed his hand against his throbbing  ****.  I crossed my legs and rocked my leg back and forth bringing myself to a state of no return,  While I was soon finished his eyes still hadnt left my breasts, I slow placed them back inside my bar, smiled and walked away.

I miss the HUGE giant dark aeroloas and the LONG LONG hard stiff nipples...protruding out over an inch... *sighs*

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I see your message is from a long time ago, but I enjoyed reading it. It is a fantasy of mine to enjoy a woman's milk. Love beautiful brown nipples. I can only imagine the wonderful pleasure of suckling you and enjoying ************.

O friend,u r indeed a v lucky yo had that type of scene in the mall,u know

you could start again

exellent add me please


Wow ... That is hot. Would have loved to have been there!

Why don't you lactate again?

Im pregnant again, I deeeeffff will

Congratulations! Good for you for lactating. I think it's not only sexy but, so very fascinating that mammals can feed there own young.

If there were more women like you then we wouldn`t have so many fools that believe that women should not breast feed in public.
Causing so many women to feel guilty about such a natural act.
Thanks for sharing your story.

You can re-live those moments again by lactating again and do adult breast feeding. Techniques that help reproduce your milk. Loved your story and how horny it made you someone was watching you

i want to bring you back to your glory days and help you put in the time and effort to bring you to lactation again. i'm serious about this.

I'd LOVE to observe you nursing in the mall with your dark areolas and hard nips exposed. I am sure I'd get instantly hard of that sight. I'd LOVE to suck on them for hours making you ****** several times of breast play alone.

Many men get weirded out and wont look :(

I wouldn't get weirded out at all, I'd LOVE to see you nurse a baby on your breasts and I'd imagine how it would be to if it was me that get nursed on your wonderful breasts. That must be so comforting and also very exciting at the same time to get nursed directly on your milky breasts, also your huge dark nips are so exciting.

Did you get any photos of when you was lactating I would love to have seen those nipples.

You could lactate again I think if you started having someone suckle your nipples every day.

Wow I so wish I was those guys. Please read the message I sent you

My wife has big breasts on a small fr<x>ame. At night when we go to bed I suck on her nipples and kiss her breasts all over like my life depended on it. I can be at it all night and the ******* she has when I do this is out of this world. When ever I look at her I get a yearning to be at her breasts so I know how that man must have felt watching you breast feed your child. We're trying to induce lactation and we both agree next to making love or just doing it is perhaps the best thing there is. I fall asleep sometimes still latched on to her.

Hey NYGirl, I'm in new york too. Which part are you in? I have never experienced the pleasure of adult nursing. My wife didn't produce enough even for the baby. I'd certainly be willing to help you with your lactation.

i wish i could suck a beautiful milky breasts some day :(

You can induce lactation again..

I just had a baby and I'm lactating. I love my **** sucked on all the time. By my baby and husband, Its so amazing and feels so good. <br />
Thank you both for all the love I feel for my big ****.

would you ever let your bff's taste your milk?

please send me photos of your milking **** adobe1053@gmail.com

please send me photos of your milking **** adobe1053@gmail.com

I remember being at the mall and seeing a woman nursing her baby. <br />
<br />
I didn't get to see her breasts, but it was a very special thing for me anyway. I guess that makes me a perv.

that was one lucky man . If i were him i would have move closer to you and waited for you to finish feeding you litle one then ask if you would feed me next.

There is nothing better than an ANR relationship. There have been a few times when I didn't have to eat a whole lot of ordinary food. Maybe one meal a day. The rest of the day's nutrition came from being breastfed.

that reallyy turns me on. Would you mind send me any video or picture. I'd really appreciate it. renardwibowo@yahoo.com

Your story is a fantasy of mine. If you would please send me any of ur pics I would appreciate it. lovekissing29@yahoo.com

I would love to see you leaking like that, breast pumping, wearing a nursing bra, etc. Email photos at insp1_sla<x>yer@yahoo.com! I cant wait!<br />

yes tormilkdude, I loved my breasts full engorged and my nipples sooooooo hard long and DARK, sighs!

God I miss sucking milk from my wife, she would have to pry me off her **** and tell me save some for the baby. I love the taste and feel of milking fresh milk from a womans ***, I swear I could suck them all day or at least until they were sucked dry.

i once was in a maternity store...trying on nursing bras...and the mirror was at the end of the dressing room with a 3 way mirror in the corner of the shop. I came out of the stall dressing room to view myself in my new nursing bra...a man was shopping in the store with his pregnant wife. I knew the way he was standing he was getting a reflection from the 3-way mirror into the dressing room. I pretended i didnt notice and dropped the flaps to my bra...letting him view my full lactating breasts...sighs I soo miss the days!

hey ny girl that story was sooo hot, i live in the ny area too n would love to try to get u to lactate again for me bc that is a fantasy ive NEVER got to experience....im 23 n ohhh so curious...let me kno what u think

Hi, im lactating and live in Jersey ...ill fulfill all your wishes. Just message me. Bye ;)

I too have a few wishes :-)

I'm in New York, too. That's a fantasy that I've also never been able to experience. Naturally, I would be happy to help you, too.

i think i'd miss your giand dark long nipples too...if i ever experienced them!

aussiegirl, why dont you post yours and let us all view!

you should have invited him over to suck them cuz i know i would suck your **** if i were anywhere near you even now

think i would have had asked you to finish me off and drink my hot ***

he was rubbing his **** as he watched

i wish it was me who was starin at you with your erect nipples drivin me insane as i rub my hard imagin it was between your huge ****