A Song I Am Listening Right Now..............!!!!!!!!

i always have shared a very special and somewhat mysterious connection with poetry and music, every time i am in a particular mood at once my mind remind me of an appropriate song to reflect and express my feelings.................right now at this moment i am feeling sad and lonely and missing somebody so damn much!!! this is a song by ustad nusrat fathe ali khan and a beautiful lyrical expression of love and need to see one's beloved. it express the pain of separation and the desire to behold the beloved!!!!
and as always this song i am writing for my beloved..............hope he also understand that its hard for me not to see him!!!!
Tainu takda rawan mera jee karda...........!!!!

yaar baajo yaar nun chain kitti vi mil nahin sakda..,
chain kitti vi mil nahin sakda..........!!!!
* when the beloved leaves you, there is no place you can find comfort at...!!!!

sun yaara, ghum khwahra, dildaraa......,
har vale mere mahbubba......, tainu takda rawan...
mera jee karda, tainu takda rawan mera jee karda.....!!!

*oh my beloved just hear me out , oh sharer  of my pain and woes, oh the beholder of my heart..........i wish every moment of my life i see you before my eyes!! i desire to hold you with my gaze and stay that way for forever!!!

ai aag anokhi ishq di, nahin bhujdi pyaar bina,
do chaar dhihade zindgi ki jeena yaar bina.....!!

*the fire of love can not be extinguished without your love, if you will leave it alone it would go wild!! it needs your love to slow down. this life is given to us for only few days and you want me to spend those few days waiting for you.....? life is transitory and its going very fast and those few moments i am allowed to breathe in this mortal world are going by in your wait..........what is a life which does not have your presence!!!!!

dil kamla mera, dewaana tera.....
mil pawane na mil...,
har vale mera dil..,
lenda tera naam....
tainu takda rawan mera jee karda.....!!!

*my heart is crazy for you, it has lost all its logical senses in the love you entice in my soul. though i am waiting for your arrival and i am living in the hope of a meeting with you. yet even if you decide not to grant my wish i would be reciting your name with passion and love.....!!!!
your meeting would give me peace but if its not possible even then i would find some sort of peace in this separation. all i wish to hold you with my eyes and keep looking at you for the rest of my life...............!!!!

jeh dil wich dere yaar de, ki duniya di parwaah..?
mul vikhe te badle pyaar de main likh dewan har jaat...!!!

*when the love of your beloved is strong in your heart, you have nothing to fear from this world. if his love was for sale i would have bought it giving away my life, existence and my identity. i would have barter my soul if only i could get one tiny bit of his love...!!!!

sawaan de vede, rehna hain mere,
kade vi na hove wakh,
jis paase vi jave ankh..
tainu takk la...
tainu takda rawan mera jee karda.....!!!!

*you live inside me. i breathe you with every single breath i take. i wish it goes like this and never in my life you have to go away from me. i wish your existence fill my vacant and empty life, may it fill my silent vision and every time i look up i behold you with my gaze..........i wish for this one wish to see you with my eyes and to feel you with my soul!!!

ps:- for you sweetheart!!!!!!

snuffal snuffal
26-30, F
Jan 1, 2012