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Biba Sada Dil Mod De..........

i am just so mesmerized at the verses which i once had heard just for the sake of their music and the bliss they ignite in my heart..........but now how these beautiful pieces of music speaks about my heart and how they explain what i feel in the depth of my soul. this song is another of Ustad Nusrat Fthe Ali Khan's. and those who are well versed with his music must have heard this at one or another time of their can easily call it an anthem song of this legendary this verse the metaphor of sufi poetry are embedded with a a classic punjabi touch........!!!!!! its a song which speaks about the woes of love and yet has a hint of complain and desperation for the attention of the lover.................!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would try my best to translate all the word but with punjabi folk poetry the more you explain the more you leave unsaid so i really have no idea if i would be able to do justice with this of my all time favorite verse...........but yet i am trying for my own sweetheart!!!!

jeh tu ankhiyan(eyes) de samane(in front of) nahi rahna..
te biba sada dil mod de...,
je tun ankhiyan de samane nahi rahna ,
te biba sada dil mod de....!!

*the girl is woe beaten and her sweetheart is not amused or moved by her pleas of not going away so here she is applying the most favorite tools of womanhood.......and that is emotional blackmail (i know u smiling)!!! so she is pretending to be angry and letting her anger pour on her beloved, she is telling him that if you don't intend to stay before my eyes..........and if you are bent upon going away and leaving me alone to wait for you then give my heart back......!!!!! biba is a word in punjabi which is mostly used for cultured girls and in general its use to call anybody who is lovable and dear to heart......!!!!! so here she is asking him to either stay with her or revert back her heart and take away the pain of his parting from her.........!!!!!!

kar baithi sajjana barosa tere pyaar te..
rod baithi dil ve main tere aitbaar te....
jeh tun ankhiya de samane nahi rahna te
biba sada dil mod de.......

*she is accusing him of deceiving her, she says i have trusted your love and your affection for me as something very true and honest. i believed your love and now i am woe begotten. i have spoiled the peace of my life and the rest of my heart in your love and now you are going away leaving me grief ridden. you have destroyed my heart and have made me sad..............and if this does not make you worry then give my heart back...!!!!!!! if my pain does not reach to you then revert back my heart...........!!!
vakh rahna pyaar da nahi chaana dastur ve..
sajjana judai nahiyo sanu manjoor ve...
jeh tun ankhiyan de samane nahi rehna
te biba sada dil mod de....

* separation is not the way of love, its not just to give your beloved the pain of your separation, one should be with their loved ones and sooth their fear. so i am telling you oh my dear beloved i can not bear the pain of your parting...........i can not let you go and drown in this sorrow. and if you still want to go away without thinking what i would do without you then give my heart back to me before going. revert back my poor heart which you don't value and go away..!!!!
main jaan ke cheez begani nu kyun apni cheez bana baithi...?
dil deke tainu bedarda kyun umar di chinta la baithi...
jeh tun ankhiyan de samane......

*oh god why the hell i attached a stranger like you to my heart, why i thought your love is true and that you would never leave me. i did not pay heed to it before and now see how my poor heart is paining in your separation. oh merciless lord of my life i am doomed to a sad life because i have given my heart to a traveler like you...........!!! and now if you have decided to go away then return my heart back to me...........!!!!! 

assan nitt da vichora nahiyo sehna..
te biba sada dil mod de....

*you give me my heart back because i can not survive the pain of every day's parting from revert my heart back...!!!!

inj dur dur rahke nahiyo chakh lagna....
assana deed bina nahi kuch hor maagna....
aywi nikka jheya manana nahi kehna...
te biba sada dil mod de...

*tell me how can i pass my life staying away from you and having few moments of your presence...? i have no desire left in my heart save the one of looking at your blessed face at all moments of my life.............i have no prayer save the prayer which will bring you closer to me and let me have the glimpse of your divine beauty....!!! and if you can not grant such a small of my plea then give my heart back..............!!!!!!!!

tainu chahiyde ne dil wale bhed khole nay..
aassan tere naal kai dukh sukh kholne..
sade kol nahi jeh tun ghadi pal behna..
te biba sada dil mod de..

*you should open your heart to me and show me the secrets you have stored there, i want to share my life with you, i want to share all my woes and happiness with you.........but you are pushing me away. you are hiding your heart away from me. and if you don't have one single moment to sit with me and listen to my tale of sorrows then give my heart back..............!!!!!!
teri marzi hain sade naalo vaakh hon di..
sadi marzi hain tere picche khak hon di,,,
dukh pichla hi jogi sanu kehna..
teh biba sada dil mod de...

teri marzi  hain sade naalo vakh hon di..
sadi marazi hain tere picche khakh hon di...
dukh picchla hi jogi sanu kahna...
teh biba sada dil mod de...

*its your wish to part your ways from me while all i think is to dust my whole being in your love...........!!!! you say you have dreams other than those which includes me but all i dream is to spent my self in your love and make my self merged in your's. i have no dream which are separate from you.................but if still you want to make me suffer in your sorrows and if you want to make my pain permanent............then give my heart back..........!!!!!!!!

ps:- its a beautiful song and the now its for all of you to enjoy but i dedicate it to my sweetheart who is not so oblivion to my pain still i want him to read this and understand what i some time left unsaid............!!!!!!!  

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It is a wonderful song heard it after a long time<br />
<br />
thanks :) Video ? :P video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be honest with my feelings.................<br />
tumne muje speechless kar diya<br />
its really so mazingggggggggggggggg<br />
i cld nt think of anything to write

nothing to words.