Saif Ul Malook - Shahbaz Qamar Fareedi

Safarul ‘Ishq (Journey of Love) or commonly known as Saif ul Malook is amazing work of the sufi poet Mian Muhammad Baksh

This kalam presented below is an excerpt from the Siaf ul malook

I cannot translate it as it is in Punjabi and i am not too good at that, Just wanted to share it because i feel in love with this Kalam and the stlye.

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Thank you for liking, and your sweet words. I will share the poetry link as soon as i find them. :)


(Part 5 of 8 )

Neykaan de sang nekee karye naslaan naeen bhulaandey

Buryaan de sang nekee kayey ultaa zoaf punchandey.

If you do good to pious men, they never forget it for generations,

If you do good to mean people, in return they will injure your feelings.

Loey loey bhar le kuryey, jey tudh bhandaa bharnaa,

Sham paey bin sham Mohammad, ghar jandee ne darnaa.

Come, O dear girl, fill your pitcher with water before the sun goes down,

When the sun sets and darkness prevails, you’ll be afraid of going home alone.

Dushamn marey tey khushee na karey, sajnaa wee mar janaa,

Deegar tey din gayaa Mohammad, orrak noon dub jana.

Do not rejoice at the death of your enemy because your friends too have to die,

The afternoon sun is soon going to set.

Mali da kaam pani dena, bhar bhar mashkaan pawaye,

Malik da kam phal phol lana laway ya na laway.

The gardener’s job is to water the plants with skin-bags full of water,

It is up to the lord to allow fruits and flowers to grow.

Neechaan dee ashnaaee kolon feyz kisey naheen paayaa,

Kikar tey angoor charyaayaa, har guchaa zakhmaayaa.

No one has ever gained goodness from the proximity (closeness) of the mean,

If you wind grapevine around an kikar (acacia) tree, every bunch of grapes will be pricked (wounded).


Moorakh noon keeh pand naseehat, pather noon keeh paalaa.

Duddhaan andar kaag nwheeye ant kaaley daa kaalaa.

Advice has no effect on a foo, just as stone is not affected by cold,

If a crow is bathed in milk it remains as black as ever.


Burey bandey dee sohbat eeveyn jeeveyn dukaan loharaan,

Chhung chhung ke lakh kaprey behyey, chingaan peyn hazaaraan.


The company of a bad man is like a blacksmith’s shop,

Even if you take a lot of care to protect yourself, you will get sparks in thousands.

Oh belee tey har koee belee, un belee vee belee,

Sajnaa bajh Mohammad Baksha, sunjee peyee haweiee.


If He is my friend then everyone is my friend, even a stranger is also is my friend,

O Muhammad Baksh! a courtyard without friends looks deserted.

Kaamil ishq Khudaaya bakhsheen, gher waloon mukh morraan,

Hiko janaan, Hiko takkaan, Hiko aakhaan loraan.

O God! grant me life long commitment (Ishq), I should turn away from all else,

I should know One, regard One and need One.

Ishqey karaan adam keetaa mehram yaar yagaanaa,

Aahey malek ibadet jogey, keeh haajet insaanaa.

God has created a unique creature (man) only for love,

Whereas angels were already to worship Him.

Cham cham teer pawa talwaareen aashiq na dar rehndey,

Ishq parheyz Mohammad Baksha, naheen kadey ral behndey.

Even shower of arrows or swords will not frighten (real) lovers,

O Mohammad Baksh! Ishq (Love of God) & restraint never go together.

Zaalim ishq be taras qasaie, reham nahi is away,

Nazuk badnaa maar rulaandaa, sehm nahi is away.

Merciless Ishq is like a ruthless butcher who does not show mercy,

It kills by humiliating delicate bodies and feels no worry.

Hirs majazee, shehwat baazee, jis ander wich hundee,

Har ik soorat ujlee tak kay paee tabeeat bhondee.

He who has in himself lust for the temporal world & debauchery,

is tempted by every fair face.

Jis sar sir ishq daa othay shehwat mool na wasdee,

Jis dil hub sajan dee us wich hub naheen har kas dee.

Lechery (lust) cannot enter a head which is filled with true love.

The heart, which has tru love of his friend, does not look towards others.

Peelaa mankaa neyrrey kharryey, kakh us noon ud mildey,

Lalaan naal naheen ud chamraan, raah niyaarey dil dey.

When a yellow bead is brought close to straws, they fly to meet it but they don’t embrace pearls. Strange are the ways of the heart!

Baal chiragh ishq da mera roshan kardey seenaa,

Dil dey deevay dee rushnaee jawey wich zameenaan.

O God! kindle the lamp of Ishq (true love) and enlighten my heart,

Let the light of my heart spread all over the earth.

Sachey mard safaee waley, jo kujh kehn zubanoon,

Mola paak maneyndaa ehyo pakkee khabar asaanoon.

God accepts whatsoever the tongues of truthful men with pure heart utter,

This is what we regard as authentic news.

Har mushkil de kunji yaaroon mardaan de hath aee,

Mard nigaah karan jis wailey, mushkil rahey naa kaee.

The key to solving every difficulty is in the hands of true men,

When they pay attention, troubles run away.

Jaan khetee da kakh naa rehyaa, naa sukkaa na haryaa,

Kis kam duph sukawan waaley, kis kam baddal wahyaa.

When the field is destroyed,

the sun and rain are of no use to it.

Uchaa naan rakhaaya jis ney, chullhey de which o sarryaa,

Neevaa ho ke langh Muhammad, langh jaaey ga arryaa.

He who is named Uchchaa (pincer) burns in the fire,

O my dear Mohammad! Be humble and bow, you will pass through easily.

i could nt listen so read on net and many of rhymes i had already known but did nt know that they wee part of it .thanks for sharing such a great piece of i have pasted makes it more understandable.well thanks.

may you be blessed!


Thank you for the english translation, Saif ul malook is a lengthy Kalam what i posted is a small portion of it but not consecutive couplets.

If you can, Do listen to the Kalam you will enjoy it more :)

wht i have read is not complete still?

Well i don't know what you've read but what you wrote isn't complete. Although i havn't read it completely myself due to the language problem but i am sure there are many part of the Kalam missing.


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