Family Tradition

I've been putting sugar in my chili since I was a teeny little girl. (chuckles)  Not only does sugar complete the flavor of chili its heightened with cheddar cheese... mmmm mmm mmm.  Dang, I'm hungry now. Oh yeah, my children won't have it any other way either.

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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I've never tried sugar on chilli, but I know people who put sugar on curry, and I do like that chilli chocolate you can get.

If you have Steak N Shake...try their lame chilli and enhance it by asking them to bring you two helpings of cheddar cheese on the side....put it in, add your sugar and watch the magic happen. OH Lord Have Mercy!

Hmmm Cheddar Cheese... Shoulda wrote this story the other day when I had some chilli... Now I'll have to wait and try that out... :)