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This story is dedicated to my younger brother Tim. He passed away from colon cancer a few years ago!
I come from a large family, 8 kids, 3 girls and five boys. This is one of my most vivid memories of my brother Tim.

One hot steamy summer evening, the family was gathered in the living room watching TV. So imagine 8 kids plus Mom and Dad in one room, temperature is about 95 degrees F, and 98% humidity, fan blowing, We only had one fan in the house, so that is why we were all in one room. We were watching my Dad's favorite show "Bonanza" I am on the right side of the couch. My Brother Tim is in the middle and my Dad on the left hand side. Summer dress, shorts, and nothing else. My brother is being a pest. he was about 10 yrs old. wiggling and talking during the show. I suspected, but was not sure, that Dad was giving him the business. Tickling him, giving him nuggies, etc. It's hot, everyone is in a foul mood. my sister is sitting in a chair near the kitchen doorway, knitting.
Frustrated, I turn and gave my brother a nudge and asked him to sit still. Well he came unglued. He started punching me. My Dad tried to grab him, but he jumped up, leaped over the coffee table cussing at me. I was really pissed now, but I felt if he were leaving, good! Then as he leaves the room, he grabs the knitting needle form my sister, turns and throws it at me. 
The needle caught me in the inner thigh, about halfway between my knee and my privates. It went in like a wood splinter. 
About 8 inches of it were buried in my leg, but just under the skin, not into the muscles. It looked hideous. You could see the bulge of the needle stretching the skin tight. Mom screamed and fainted, Dad went white and seemed frozen. I looked at it wondering what happened.
My brother's eyes got big and he turned and ran for his life. I pulled the needle out, jumped over the table, over my Mom, and chased him down.
I swear I was gonna make him pay for that mistake.
He was running so fast, he could not make the turn into the bathroom. It was the only room in the house that locked.
His head slammed into the door frame with a mighty thud. As I approached his body was crumpled on the floor in a fetal position. I stood over him ready for revenge. My fist's were clenched, my teeth gritted, as I brought back my arm to punch him as hard as I could. At that moment, I saw blood flowing down his face, he had split open his forehead, and a massive purple egg was forming. I yelled at him, "Next time I will hit you harder!" I never did hit him.
Mom was screaming for me to not kill him. "Please don't hurt him, he didn't mean to do it!"   Yeah right!!
I went to the kitchen and bandage my wound, and got some paper towels to mop up the blood.
Mom got ice and bandages for my brother. He ended up with four stitches. 
I think Mom and Dad both thought I hit him, they kept us apart for months after that. 

So not really that exciting, I really don't remember exactly why it all happened.

My brother passed away of cancer in 2006, just 2 weeks after I had gone to Michigan to visit him. He died of complications due to colon cancer, he was way too young and I miss him dearly!
 He was 48 at the time. 
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It's funny some of the memories that remain vivid throughout our lives. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your brother, I imagine it's very hard to lose a sibling like that. Hugs for you sweetie. xoxo

This story sounds familiar. *wink* Isn't funny how the people who can irritate us the most...are the ones we love and miss the most? I just adore all your family stories. They are like little treasures waiting to be read. *smile* And even if I thought they sucked big time...I'd never say so...cuz I so don't want a purple goose egg from you know who. *laugh* :))

Thanks Kat. Hey I would never give you goose egg. Well maybe a purple one for Easter! lol

OMG...that was a graphic story..i can't imagine what you thought or felt with a knitting needle sticking in your leg...<br />
<br />
I am so sorry for your loss..he passed too young...thank you for sharing my friend..I have some family memories too..they are priceless...hugs..

Wow..I can only imagine the troubles you both gave your nice to know that even a moments that were bad that the time because treasured moments later in life..<br />
<br />
Sorry about the loss of your brother!!

He was a bit different, but extremely intelligent. He thought he could cure his own cancer. Not good!

Hey guy! Your supposed to duck! I guess thats hard to do when your sitting. Ouch is all I can say!<br />
It is cool your remember this incident with fondness and not anger. I guess you really are a warrior!