Salt, Sun, Sand

I've lived in the mid atlantic states most of my life. I did live in Hawaii once for a couple of years and in Texas. Now I'm moving to the Florida Keys, where we've had a house for the past four years. I love the ocean. I love salt water...I love watching the sun rise and set on the water. I love sea turtles and manatees, sharks and dolphins. There's something really magical about being surrounded by water, as if you're adrift. Life is lazier, dreamier and seems to move in slow motion.
DharmaG DharmaG
46-50, F
2 Responses May 7, 2007

congratulations! sounds like perfection...

lucky you!! sounds wonderful. first hawaii, now florida. ive been to hawaii once.. loved it. could get used to that scenery real quick lol. i'm definetly a sun girl. need to do something about it soon...