Feeding The Family The Old English Way

I love Sunday dinner but I love cooking it better. The traditions have been handed down our family for generations so I take a lot of pride in serving our Sunday lunch up.

I get up early and prepare stuffing and all of the veg and whilst everyone else is still in bed. There is always cabbage and carrots but I also like to do roasted butter nut squash or parsnip. The kids love them because they are sweet and gooey.

The meat, usually beef but occasionally lamb, is slowly roasted at a low temp whilst we are at Church and the potatoes, which I part steam and then give a little shake so the edges go all fluffy, are added to the meat juices to cook around the joint. They go really crispy and are full of favour then.

Any left over fat from the joint gets drained off and stored for cooking Yorkshire puddings.
The secret of great Yorkshires is to make the batter in advance and leave it to stand. There needs to be alot of fat and the oven really really hot if you want them big and fluffy.

Sunday lunch is an event in our house and always requires a posh table cloth and serviettes. The adults have wine and the children drink lemonade from posh glasses too. There is always a gravy boat too. I inherited ours from my Gran who was an amazing cook so it seems to me that her spirit is always at the table joining us.

Pudding is a must and it has to be something like a traditional steamed pudding with custard, ok so I cheat and make it in the microwave, I do have three kids, but it tastes just as good if you don't skimp on the syrup and serve it as soon as it is cooked.

I think there is a lack of family time in Britain today and for most people Sundays are no longer seen as special. I think thats a real shame so I want to pass on these traditions to our kids. In our house, Sunday is a family day and we also always make a big deal over tea. Cheese scone anyone?

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I think it is important to have at least one day where you get together as a family. As well as Sunday when we have grandparents over for tea, we spend Friday nights together "slobbing out", We have pizza and a DVD or play games with the kids around the table. Everyone gets into their PJ's first and it is a lovely chilled way to spend time together having lots of fun. <br />
<br />
Monday is "date night" Once the kids are in bed my husband and I spend time with each other, there is no talk about work or the kids and we have a bath together and share a bottle of wine. Sometimes life is hectic and you actually need to set a time to remember that you are also a married couple who love each other, and not just Mum the packed luch maker or Dad the homework helper! I think the main reason divorce happens is because people forget about each other.