Golden Sunshine

A few years ago, I planted on my garden beds over a dozen seeds of sun flowers. Over half of them, after 2 weeks of germination were chewed on from my squirrel. Over the whole summer I protected my plants, believe it or not, with cayenne papper and it worked. As long as I kept sprinkling, my squirrel stood away from my plants.

           All the labor of protecting my plants payed off, with the flower petals shining a bright golden orange, like no other flower color I planted. Not even the sunny susans could equal the glory of these plants, glowing for miles in the sun. Unfortunately this was my only year I ever planted sunflowers, and it was not like any flower I ever enountered.

         After the blooms, there was a big rainstorm. My  pepper shield I maintained the whole summer washed away and my two plants were chopped. The squirrel was waiting patiently for the rain  to remove all the pepper on my plants.    

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I love the beauty of sunflowers. I have a sunflower as a desk top now.

They really are beautiful, all the beautiful shapes in the center. Omg! that squirrel....

On my yard, almost every squirrel has a unique personality. Some of them mind their own business. Others like to like to get into every plant in my garden. The squirrel did all the chopping, and not me. The worst part, there were no seeds yet on the sun flower.